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Another Kaizo Hack? by Shingo

File Name: Another Kaizo Hack?
Submitted: by Shingo
Authors: Shingo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: A short but entertaining kaizo, perfect for beginners and ideal to spend in a sesion with iconic music of the classic videogames!
(Major) This hack uses an outdated version of the retry system so it doesn't come with counterbreak built in, a patch that prevents players from carrying items through levels. Since you can start select out of levels you've beaten you can carry mushrooms and yoshi into other levels and break them significantly.

Another First Level -
(minor) - You can skip using the goomba by carrying the shell with you. Not that big of a deal because it makes the ending harder, but typically kaizo hacks limit excess items.

(minor) It is hard to distinguish the death blocks from the normal cement blocks used in this level, the black on dark purple is hard to see.
(minor) cut off on the lava at the end of the level.

(minor) - You cannot see the red koopa on 1f0, before the spring jump, before you die.

(Major) The red koopa jumps here can be in bad positions without you being able to see where they are until after you commit to the jumps.

(Major) You can skip the tough muncher jump at the end by going over the top of the screen.

Another Rainbow Road -
(Moderate) If the first yoshi stays on the 1f0 tile the 2nd yoshi is invisible. Happened to me on my first time so I thought something despawned.

Also make sure you get permission from the author if you intend to use their hack as a baserom. I'm unsure if this was the case for this hack since I couldn't contact them on short notice, just throwing it out there just in case.