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The first Mario or Sonic game you played
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What was your first Mario game or Sonic game that you ever played?

My first mario game: New super Luigi Bros U. (Or was it Super Mario Maker I forgot)
My first Sonic Game: Sonic the hedgehog 1 (Tablet Version)

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
My first mario game: Super mario 64
my first sonic game: Sonic colours

Mario - SM Galaxy
No Sonic

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Super Mario World and Sonic 1, both on their original consoles


For certain my first Sonic game was Sonic Advance for the GBA. Not entirely sure how that came about or got into the Sonic franchise. Though, I've not really followed any of the more recent Sonic games (well, since like 2010).

For Mario, I think it was Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, but it also could have just been Super Mario Advance - I'm not 100% sure. Though, I remember playing SMA and the feel of Mario being familiar, so I'm thing it was the former as my first Mario game.

Who knows I was like 5 that's a long time ago #tb{:p}
-First Mario game: Super Mario All-Stars

-First Sonic game: IDK, maybe the one on the Genesis Nomad. Or Sonic 3D Blast.

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Mario: Several. I forgot because I had a DS cart with multiple games on it.
Sonic: Sonic CD Port

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SMAS on Snes
Sonic TH on GameGear

Super Mario Pants World
Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
VLDC12 - 72HoKaizo#1
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on an actual Game Boy Color and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 (my first game) on a MegaDrive emulator.


I'm certain my first Mario game was Super Mario World. I used to play it a lot as a kid with an old friend.
My first Sonic game was this one. Such a nostalgia trip.
Katerpie, The first sonic game you played was a SNES bootleg.
I'm not blaming tho.

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
Eh, I'm not sweating it. At the time I didn't even know what was a SNES bootleg and enjoyed it with no issues, lol.

EDIT: Yeah we never knew bootlegs back a long time ago.

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?

Mario: New Super Mario Bros DS
Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Collection

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I think the first Sonic game I saw someone play was SA2, and I played Sonic Heroes and Shadow the hedgehog myself later on. I wasn't good at Sonic heroes, but I did 100% Shadow the hedgehog. I remember enjoying it alot actually, but I'm sure not going to go back and refresh my memory after all I hear about the game now!!

Later on, I borrowed Sonic Adventure 1 from one of my nephews for the gamecube, and I was honestly blown away, I was immediately taken aback by the hub world, since when I saw SA2 it didn't have one at all. I was like "Oh shit, so it's like Mario 64??" and I really liked it, I wish that it was my first sonic game.
Mario - Super Mario World (through my uncle's wii virtual console)
Sonic - Sonic 1 (2013 port)

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Mario: Super Mario World on SNES was the first I played, but SMB2 on NES was the first I had exposure to.

Sonic: Sonic 1 was the first one I played on Sega Genesis. We had all the Sonic games made for it except the Dr. Robotnik puzzle knockoff, but since the system was in my brother's room I couldn't play Sonic much. Never got past Marble Zone 1 until years later when I emulated it.

I played Mario more as a kid but loved Sonic to death.

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Like a few others in this thread, my first Mario game was Super Mario World, straight on the SNES. Technically it was also my first video game ever, which is probably why I've become very sentimental over it.

My first Sonic game, on the other hand, was Sonic 2 on the Genesis. I specifically remember playing it up to Aquatic Ruin Zone for a brief time at someplace, since I know I never owned a Sega Genesis. The exact where and when is completely foggy in my head, so I guess that will remain a mystery indefinitely.

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My first Mario game was Super Mario Bros. (That I played with an fake PlayStation called FunStation.)

My first Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis).

These are my favorite Mario Games:
1th place: Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (TIED)
2th place: Super Mario 64
3th place: Super Mario RPG (That took me into the world of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi.)

First Mario game: New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - Gaming - The first Mario or Sonic game you played

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