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Door keys by AnisSaouliBH

File Name: Door keys
Submitted: by AnisSaouliBH
Authors: AnisSaouliBH
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 2 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Pit
Description: I made this romhack for my favorite player xHF01x.
Good luck in finding the secret without open it in lunar
Have fun.
First of all: This hack is too easy for a pit hack. It's very easily playable with 50% slowdown and even that probably isn't needed. In its current state, this hack should be submitted as Kaizo: Hard.

This hack mainly consists of key jumping through a narrow muncher tunnel and while theres nothing wrong with key jumping, it gets boring rather quickly. The fact that the secret exit is placed directly at the end of the level means that you have to play the entire level twice with almost no variation. This makes the level even more repetitive and boring. Try coming up with more creative setups: A key has more uses than just being a portable platform!

A lot of important items are hidden above the camera. This doesn't add real difficulty as most players will use Lunar Magic to look at a pit hack before they play it anyway. It only makes the hack more annoying to play and more confusing to watch. This could've been avoided easily by allowing the camera to scroll.

The custom blocks in this hack are unintuitive: For some reason, the grey p-blocks can't be hit while a blue p-switch is active but you can hit the yellow p-blocks while the grey p-switch is running. If you want to use custom resources in a pit hack, make sure that they work in a predictable way.

The first pipe leads to an almost empty vertical room in which you fall down and can do nothing for about 30 seconds. At the bottom there is a message box containing no text. Checking in Lunar Magic shows that the text was just inserted at the wrong place (the content of a message box depends on the level that you entered on the overworld, not the current sublevel). Apart from being very lazy level design, this shows that you didn't even test your hack properly: Test your hacks before you submit them here!