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Different Overworld Events Speeds

Is there a way to have different speeds for Layer 2 Events rather than having 1 speed for all of them?
You remind me of this, however it looks like p4 never really made that tutorial...
I'm talking about different speeds in which Layer 2 Events appear. It looks like that post is about having Mario walk over the over world in custom directions
Ah, I see. I misread.
There is a piece of code in SMW that handles the slower events in Forest of Illusion which I suppose could be changed to be event-dependent. Do you want it to have a different speed for a specific submap (would be much easier), for one single specific event, for a list of events or?

I could tackle coding something like this, but it may take a day or two.
The events are on the main over world. Event 8 erases a huge chunk of the over world to reveal a final set of levels later on in the hack. Event 19 just does 2 tiles worth of Layer 2 Events.

I have the Path Reveal Speed at C just so it's not going to waste too much of the players time, but I don't like how Event 19 is so fast that it's barely noticeable of what is happening
I created this code and it seems to work well:
!EventNum = $03
!SlowSpeed = $03
!FastSpeed = $20

org $04EACC
	LDA $1495
	CPX #!EventNum
	BEQ +
	ADC #!FastSpeed
	BRA ++
	ADC #!SlowSpeed
	STA $1495

The "!EventNum" indicates the number of the event that will reveal slowest.
Apply it with Asar (Make a Backup of your ROM first!).
Originally posted by StackDino
I created this code and it seems to work well

Are you certain you're not overwriting important stuff? This portion of the routine you hijacked is only 10 bytes long, and I'm not sure what is under it, but there is certainly stuff there.

Anyway, I've been working on this so here you go
For event 8 are you using the smaller event tiles or the large ones?
@Ninja I'm using the smaller ones
Well it seems that Koopster made a nice patch which could help you out but if you use the layer 2 event editor and use pages 0-3 of the event tile selector you can clear spaces that are 48x48 with single "tiles" instead of just 16x16. Though I might look at possibly using the patch instead.
Thanks for helping out. I'll load the patch, and see how well it works out
I ran this patch without modifying the _settings.asm and I get the error

revealspeed_settings.asm:1: error: (E5117): Unknown command.

Any idea what that error means?

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Huh. I am actually clueless, as I just redownloaded it and ran it and it inserted fine.
You did make sure to put both files in the same folder, and you patched revealspeed.asm, not the settings file, right?
I have two laptops, and I switch between the laptops with one wireless keyboard. I most likely had the file at the front of the screen, and randomly typed in a letter.

I loaded the patch into my ROM and did a quick sanity check by moving Mario to the goal tape in LM, and running it through Bizhawk.

So far everything works exactly how I wanted it. Thanks for the patch Koopster

(I'm a software tester, so that's why I responded that way LOL)
Oh, okay :p

Glad to help!