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.EXE// Project Demo - Playtest

This is my first ROM hack and its still in the works. It has 4 Exits, one the four exits is a practice level which only can be exited by pressing Start and Select. This Mega Man inspired ROM hack contains Celeste and Mega Man like mechanics such as dashing, and wall jumping as well as being able to shoot fireballs freely. Feedback and bug reports is required so I can see what I can fix and improve on the demo before it's released and the full game.

Updated to 1.1
- Added Health Tanks
- Tutorial level now called "REST" and did minor tweaks to the level.
- Minor level design tweaks such as the level 1 boss: added ExAnimation

Notes: Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to disable shooting fireballs while dashing.

Link to download .BPS Patch:

The file is a rar file. I would need a bps file
Originally posted by MassPunishment
The file is a rar file. I would need a bps file

Yes. I now made a link separate of the .bps file and the README file. No .rar file now.
Finished it right now! And I found just couple things that you could check

When you dash you also shoot a fireball

When you get hit it plays the animation of Mario getting tiny

The spikes makes the "BG" cut-off

Here it would be probably better to change the conveyor graphics

If the player miss this orb he gets softlocked

I guess you should also put an alert that you can still walljump

Lastly when you enter this door and doesn't kill the shell he can kill you

One of the things that I miss on your hack is the use of check-points and healing itens, I can see that your hack is inspired in Mega Man so you can probably put some energy cans? Other than that great work #smrpg{y}
Just some Ys fan lol
It has potential! I found the Orbit level harder than Binary, I couldn't figure out how to use that orb. I think the message for the orb can be put earlier in the level. Also, the new mechanics are great, the only thing that I think it could be improved is the Dash mechanic, as KiloMinimo said, you can shoot while dashing. Also, when getting the blue blocks against
, pressing dash was annoying. I think that's the only thing you could check. Otverall, I like the project so far!
Thank you for the feedback, I'm currently inserting health tanks and midway points. I'm also figuring out how to disable shooting fireballs while dashing but there is a chance that it can't be removed though.