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2020 A Vision Quest by oneframejames

File Name: 2020 A Vision Quest
Submitted: by oneframejames
Authors: oneframejames
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Are you prepared for 2020 A Vision Quest? Are you my friend? A hack created in 2020 about the quest to achieve 2020 vision with 20/20 exits if you are to reach 100% completion. (There are 2 optional stages that are maddening.) Custom palettes, custom music, but vanilla. Retry and disabling L and R screen scrolling are the only patches that were used. The levels are designed beautifully. Colors and music create atmosphere. Although vanilla, we were once scared to venture into chocolate. Now chocolate is everywhere. Come on this adventure, and see that there is still a lot to be explored in vanilla. You will see setups that you have yet to see. Creativity blooms...
(major)Desi's Docks- You can still swim under the level, its a little harder with the tide, but the p switch makes it a lot easier to do. I just chose to swim under the harder parts of the level.

(minor) Cerulean Skies - Not that it makes it too much easier but you can fly over top with yoshi at the end.

(major) Atari's Capper - You can get flight from the midway and fly over the 2nd half. Its a little hard to figure out but I think overall it makes the 2nd half much easier.

(major)Floating and stacked munchers should generally be avoided. They can be used in moderation if the hack is very clean otherwise. Most cases in this hack can be easily avoided.

(minor) There are a lot of levels with missing corner tiles. A good example would be claymore passage or cliffhanger mines.

General Feedback-

Griswold's Castle - Having to play the auto section over and over again was very very tedious since most of the level afterwards is very blind unfriendly.

Plok's Cabin- I enjoyed the first half of the level, but mario can only go so far above the screen before an invisible wall stops him so it makes some of the jumps act differently than it looks.

Overall- Very interesting hack, I think the beginning starts off really strong with level ideas and design. The cutoff/ cement/ munchers/ palettes are the most unattractive thing about the hack. I still think the hack will retain its old school feel and aesthetic if most of these are fixed. There is some small cheese that I mentioned that should also be looked into as well.