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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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Super Muffin World (Demo) - Testers wanted
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Looking for tester and feedback on the levels that I have chosen to put into the sample pack. I believe the game should be rated as very hard but some people have told me there are a few kaizo light tricks in it.

Name: Super Muffin World
Rated: Very Hard
Exits: 6 (8) there are two hidden levels.
- The 2 hidden levels are very hard and are part of the "star
world" as bonus materials.

Known errors: -spawning of a platform in level 4.
-2nd message box at Yoshi's house not saying 2nd

I can playtest your hack tomorrow. The only thing, I'd like to do it on stream, if you allow me to do that. Otherwise, I'd test it off-stream probably on sunday.
Well I played 7 of the levels because I couldn't discover how to get one of the secret exits, also this hack actually is quite kaizo since there are many tricks (some of then seem pit tho) that are very hard, or force damage to proceed
The solution for the two problems are:
To make the message box display the second message you need to change it's X position
To make the platform stop disappearing apply this patch with Asar
Now let's start the real log

First off, you should change the original SMW overworld

When you die by the first time (I guess) on the yoshi's house level the "time up" message appears

Here it's impossible to go through without losing your power-up

You should place the munchers higher

Here the ground where the munchers stay is cut-offy

The bone where Mario is cut-offs and the munchers are floating

Here every curve of the ground makes the lava cut-offy

Also, you could change the Blargg's palette to make it black and if you look on the upper part of this Chuck Gate, it has a cut-off

Here this Blargg is quite blind, right when you fall it attacks you

Here I suggest that you change the Blargg's position to a little bit more to the left since when he finishes the attack it just disappears

Here I don't know why did you put these munchers floating but place then in the ground

I suggest you to remove this Blargg, since it will disappear after the attack

Here the bone cut-offs

Later on you find these floating munchers on the slope

This pack includes some angled munchers that you can use (also includes munchers for walls)

On the next level, you find the following floating munchers

You can edit your map16 to make some death blocks, just copy a brown block on an empty page, change it's palette to palette 4 and change its act to 12F

Again, here you are forced to take damage

Move it a little bit to the left

Here we have a massive amount of cut-offs

Here we have another cut-off

On the cave section the Skull Boat just continues his way

Just making it fall fix that

Here the ground on the pipe's side are cut-offy

Here you should move the secondary entrance a little bit to the left since Mario goes through the Koopas

Later on, there are more floating munchers

Use the pack that I linked or use death blocks that I teached how to make earlier

The Switch Palace has these floating munchers
/41984/Muffin%2BWorld%2B%2528Demo%2529021.png" alt="">
Put a slope and the angled munchers from the pack that I linked

This aplies to every vine, they are all cut-offy

If you wait until the pokey reach the muncher, it ignores then and continue

Back in the Switch Palace (Because I didn't put an order for the screenshots) you could put the death blocks here, since they will act as munchers and there's no way yo go through this without taking damage

Here Sumo Brother's fire is quite cut-offy since it goes through the platform

Here you should change these munchers for the Death Blocks

The sign cut-offs since it's on a muncher

On the next level here's a cut-off

Here this platform has a big chance of disappearing (fixable with the patch linked in the start) and the muncher can be switched by a death block

Here the slopes are cut-offy

Here the pipe is cut-offy

Probably with cement blocks you can fix that

On the next level this rope is cut-offy

Here this muncher make the platform's leaves cut-off

Later on you see this muncher (Up in the coin) if the P-Switch is still on the muncher stays on a coin

I suggest that you put cement blocks instead

Here the floating munchers could be switched by the Death Blocks

On the end of the level, I suggest that you put this Yoshi Coin further from the Goal Point since it will stay shining

Here you mistyped multi (Not a big problem tho)

Here it is probably best to remove some of the koopas

I guess it would be probably switch the BG color to something darker (This is just a suggestion tho)

Here it's probably best to change this muncher for a Death Block

Here the conveyors are cut-offy (The next one too)

Here I guess it would be better to change the platforms where the spikes are because it's quite weird

On the next section these bones are quite cut-offy

Here you can change these munchers by Death Blocks

Here it's pretty tight to proceed without losing your power-up

Here this slope has a cut-off

Here the lavas from the section are cut-offy

Here you should change this because it's pretty tight, quite pixel perfect too

Here it's quite a blind jump

Here there's a random tile floating in the air

Lastly, here you can change these munchers by Death Blocks

That's it! As you can see this hack is pretty much kaizo, overall it just needs some polish

Just some Ys fan lol
A newer version is available based on some feedback that I have recently received. Thank you for the feedback. I am currently working on the over world and still have had no luck with the 2nd message box in Yoshi's house (I have moved the box X and Y in about every possible order). I hopefully will be adding more check points in the castle and have the secret exits will have a mid point as well. I am new to making a fan based game, so please feel free to advice as needed. Thank you all again.
Basically KiloMinimo said everything I was about to say. I'll play the newer version today. On stream.
Hi, I played the "bran" stage, and the "Mario dog house" stage of the new version of your hack. It can use some improvements, like making an original map that is'int just the original game's. The clouds on the dog house stage before you hit the invisible note blocks and enter the pipe to the secret stage is glitchy. Also I'm not sure if this was intended, but you can grab the checkpoint, and just leave the stage and start as big mario on another stage.

In the first stage, if you miss the red koppa to jump off of, you'll fall to this area with a chuck ya. You can kill him, and if you did that trick I mentioned earlier, you can cheese that part where instead of making a jump from below to the cement block, you can just spin jump to break those blocks, and get down way easier just for a coin. I'd make those spin blocks instead cement blocks so you can't cheese the stage.

Even though I put on this play tester forum topic that I wanted to apply to be one, this won't count as a rom hack I've play tested.
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