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Which games do you like that everyone else hates?
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Which games did you actually enjoy that everyone hates?

I have 2 Sonic titles

Knuckles’ Chaotix (Yes I have touched the 32x) and Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)

These two games are actually fun. Knuckles’ Chaotix’s rubber band was kind of frustrating to deal with but the game was overall good.

DYK: Knuckles Chaotix used to be Sonic Crackers but they had changed Sonic to Mighty and Tails to a... Rather interesting...echidna. They didn’t wanna ruin Sonic’s name

Have anything?

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Can you next time tell more info?

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Undertale,people hate bcuz of fan base and sans memes #smrpg{sad}
Persona. People like to hate on the battle system, saying it's confusing when it's really not... plus others just flat out don't like first person dungeon crawlers. Though I do agree with people that criticise the dungeon design. It's not great.
Plus it was my first megaten game so there may be a bit of bias lol
the ps1 version is better fite me

>Mark danced crazy!
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I can see it sucking if you're playing it in 1989 (Hydlide Special US release) with Zelda having come out and all but for 1984 (original PC6001/PC88 release) this isn't too bad. Just obtuse and like, every PC game was pretty obtuse back then. I wouldn't call it anything above so-so though.



(Being serious now, I think the Mother series is one that a lot of people dislike due to the "messed up" system it uses, making Undertale/Deltarune superior in that regard.)
E.T. Atari
Superman 64
Zombie Nation
Mario Party 10

New Super Mario Bros DS, a lot of people hate it just because of how the other games in the series are so similar when it actually has a lot of unique elements that are often overlooked because of that. I even prefer this game over SMW i'm sorry please don't kill me.
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Originally posted by Raidenthequick
E.T. Atari
Superman 64
Zombie Nation

Idk about zombie nation, but super man 64 and ET from atari, no wonder...
Those are crap #smrpg{roar}
Yoshi's Story generally gets scathing reviews outside of Nintendo fan communities but I like it. It's a great-looking 2D platformer and a perfect melon run in all levels is pretty hard. It's so happy for the most part, but then the death music which cuts through that with an alarming stop and haunting chimes, few enemies with exaggerated psychotic expressions and giant teeth, and instant death machines have such a stark contrast with that preset mood that it comes off as scarier than it should. The Yoshies cry, don't resist as they are hauled away to this creepy tower, and what even happens there? Then you have that in between where at minimal health, the music is depressingly slow, as well as Yoshi's idle animation where it looks like he's using every last shred of energy to sing and march as if he was really faking hope and happiness. The game is like a silent film of mood swings and I still haven't seen anything else like it.

I don't know if it's unknown or disliked here but I hear nothing about the Cabela's game series. I like Dangerous Hunts 2009 because it's both fun with exploration & stealth in vivid environments and hilariously corny putting you in direct melee combat or escape situations with wild, vicious animals that you just have to see to believe. (2011 is pure crap though with bad controls, cheap attacks, and it sadly trades its silliness for horror.)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Wait... People hate Touhou?
Originally posted by Doug Walker
Wait... People hate Touhou?

it is joke

a jape

a ruse

a bamboozle

they're pulling your leg


Megaman and Bass, but to be fair that game is actually terrible and I only like it for the music and art style (and also the weapons are abomb as fuck).
Originally posted by Samantha
Megaman and Bass, but to be fair that game is actually terrible

im leaving u


I just noticed that my thread got moved to gaming. I forgot about that

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All games are great, if you had fun
What about Sonic Advance 3? I kinda like some of the badniks in the game. The first two bosses were pretty fun. But everything else was just Meh... Finding the Chaos is a pain in the ass and not at all fun. But some of the music tracks are pretty damn good to be honest. The same can also be said about Knuckles Chaotix enjoyed a couple of the enemies and music tracks but never truly replayed it. Honestly I can't really think of any games that I enjoyed that are really hated by the vast mijority. If anything I'm more the opposite! I'm more likely to hate games that other people like than like games that other people hate. But I'll try to think of more.
Apparently people strongly dislike Megaman X6, but it's honestly one of my top favorites in the series. It has my favorite aesthetic of the games, and I genuinely think the gameplay is really fun if you're up for a challenge. It's almost ridiculously hard, sure, but that just makes it all the more gratifying when you finally figure out which weapons and abilities work best for a situation and overcome it.

I think it helps to think of its difficulty curve as continuing from where X5 left off rather than starting over; more of a continuation than a fully separate experience. Like most games, though, I will acknowledge it has its flaws - like some stages being laughably tiny, or the upgrade hidden behind literal RNG - but it's still an all-around solid game in my opinion.

I also have a soft spot for Sonic 06 despite being a mechanically terrible game, mostly out of appreciation for its good story and characterization (for the most part), and seeing fan mods that fix the gameplay wondering if it potentially could have been fun if it had more development time. Not sure if this is just because we've had games like Sonic Forces for so long now that make it look better by comparison or not, but eh, I still stand by this.

There are probably several more, but I'll wrap this up by mentioning I also respect New Super Mario Bros. 2 despite the ""New"" series being so warn into the ground at that point, because I think it has good level design and probably my favorite visuals in the ""New"" series.
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