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Livesplit autosplitter for romhacks

I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum for this question but I couldn't figure out a better.

I'm modifying a SMW-autosplitter for Livesplit at the moment to make it work for romhacks on my emulator (Retroarch). So far I got it to work on some Hacks (it starts and splits automatically), while on others it either does not start but split, or does neither start nor split automatically (Joy of Kaizo or GPW2 for example).

The .asl checks on memory to see if an event has happened like that:

new MemoryWatcher<byte>((IntPtr)memoryOffset + 0x1f28) { Name = "yellowSwitch" }

For file selection it looks for "0x1ED2" which seems to only sometimes work.

Does anyone have an idea what I could change or how I can read these values out of a rom?

$1ED2 is in the middle of the overworld level setting flags. These flags may vary from hack to hack, and not all hacks will affect all the addresses there ($1ED2 in particular corresponds to level 10C, which is unused even in the original game). However, it is a good way of checking whether particular levels have been beaten, as long as you check the correct corresponding address.

If you have the option to check combinations of RAM addresses for conditions, the most accurate solution for file startup would be to check $0100 for value 0A (on player select menu) and then $16 and $18 for either having a value of 0x80+ (A/B pressed).

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This is awesome! Is the code open source? I'm interested in modifying it to work for more hacks if I can make the time.

[Edit:] I looked at the dll and it's super short! I'm not exactly sure how to edit it but could take notes on a bunch of games on where the splitter fails, if that would help.