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Super Saga the random adventures - Mario's normal adventure but its about spaghetti
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Saga the random adventures - Mario's normal adventure but its about spaghetti
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A Hack i decided to come back to which is yeah what i said in the title

Super Saga the random adventures - Mario's normal adventure but its about spaghetti plot:

mario one day had decided to go to his secret stash of spaghetti though he realized that his stash was gone knowing that luigi didn't take it as he didn't know about it he decided to go on a adventure to figure out who has taken his stash of spaghetti and see how they knew about it


i will post about Luigi's new adventure later in a seperate post in this thread as smwc doesn't allow me to post for the next 4 hours

The graphics look good, the story seems funny, and there's even a raccoon? Count me in!

Layout created by Dominicentek
- Main thing that caught my eye here is that Yoshi (apparition?) in the castle and the giant P.O.'d egg. That's something different. (Are we fighting with a Yoshi ghost in the room or are we smashing Yoshi's face into the rotten egg?) I do think the fight room would benefit more from darkening the rocky wall BG.

- I am not a fan of how the SMW stalactites/stalagmites look in the foreground being all rounded: they clash with the FG with their lack of detail and pillow shading, making them look like giant blobs when you have distinguishable rocks, gems, wooden shafts, and dirt all around them. They are also so plentiful as to distract from the interactive pieces of the level and make it seem like the BG needs to be darker in order to bring the FG into focus, but I think after removing them, it may be fine.

- On the flip side, I do like the way you are using the grassland FG tileset.

- The background styles are very different from level to level but somehow don't clash much with the FGs they're paired with. My favorite is the mountain/forest one on rolling hills with the way the trees are all tilted and I think it goes great with the foreground it is paired with in that the BG is clean and clear but it doesn't fight with the FG for attention. I feel similarly about the grass BG in that it fits without taking away from the level but they look like they belong in totally different games, if not on totally different systems from one another. The SMAS hill BG makes that grassland level feel very busy so I'm not too fond of it in that context.

- The Redrawn Koopa is very much out of place because of its chalky and shiny style. I think a YI Koopa or the original SMW Koopa is absolutely more at home here.

- I like the overworld, particularly the sections with stone pillars and the forest with waterfalls. It's all detail-rich but balanced, even the water with the illusion of depth far out from land. There is one prop island in the corner of the beach where I believe you may want to reassess the perspective, by that level next to the palm tree, but other than that, it looks really nice.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
My thoughts:

- I love the yoshi egg boss, he sure looks angry and when he gets hit, he is like :O
- The overworld looks beautiful and stunning too!
- Oh boy! Racoon mario!
- I am looking forward to Luigi's New adventure!
- This is a good vanilla hack!
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Thank you two koop and counterfeit for the feedback i am almost done with world 1 on the hack so now onto another hack i was wanting to show off which is Super Saga the random adventures Luigi's new adventure

i originally intended to have luigi's new adventure as the first part of this series yes this is actually a series that im trying to make but due to other things i decided to make marios spaghetti the first one now onto the plot now

Super Saga the random adventures 2 - Luigi's new adventure plot:
mario and luigi were invited by peach to her castle because peach had baked mario and luigi's favorite discusting pie that she never had taken a bite out of which is
spagetti ice cream pie

though only luigi came because of how mario was looking for his spaghetti stash

though when luigi arrived at the castle the entire inside looked like crap and the pie looked like it was eaten but it had one peice though it had a cockrouch in it...

luigi then suspected that it was bowser again so he went on a adventure to go to bowsers castle not knowing that someone else was waiting for him at bowsers castle

alright now onto the screenshots


yes it is this hack has mostly cartoonish/nsmb wii or wii u or even ds graphics as this hack is mostly inspired by a hack called super mario crisis which is what motivated me to do this hack also because so that i can get back into ripping graphics

anyways thats all for now

P.S sorry i don't know how to merge images here :(

This is my layout i plan on adding one soon

I have a discord server smwc users only
This looks very good, I hope to see more about the project.
Doesn't look bad. I personally like the artstyle you gave each of them.

linkies | asm stuff :)

im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!! pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.

スヤスヤ・・・ (Art by 1UPdudes)
Alright im gonna be moving luigis adventure to another thread since it may get a bit confusing with 2 hacks sharing a single thread

This is my layout i plan on adding one soon

I have a discord server smwc users only
havent posted any progress for this so heres some new stuff

Currently reworking 1-1 even though it was good in its original state but im mostly adding new enemy types and mostly keeping the original terrain so here

i found this old cave sub level which i am gonna include as a sub level in my hacks 1-1

currently making a halberd level

and a hornet hole level

feedback would be nice #w{=)}
Btw i know mario clashes with the hornet hole and halberd but.. ive been doing gfx consistency to the point where im flat out tired of it so no im not changing it sorry ;-;

This is my layout i plan on adding one soon

I have a discord server smwc users only
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Saga the random adventures - Mario's normal adventure but its about spaghetti

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