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Standard SMW ROM Hack by Denicentek

File Name: Standard SMW ROM Hack
Submitted: by Denicentek
Authors: Denicentek
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Enjoy my Rom Hack
The hack as few issues that'll need fixing before it can be accepted.

The main issues are the use of Silent Bullet Bills. Only use Bullet Bills from cannons as the ones that don't use them don't make any sound and are classed as an unfair hazard. There is a patch to give them sounds so you can always try adding that.

The Cut-Off nets despite been "broken" are cut-off. Some of them look okay if the red border is complete however the ones where the border stops just looks lazy. You could add some broken parts to the net tiles via ExGFX rather easily and they'd look a lot better.

A lot of the levels are quite flat or often consist of the same enemies repeated over and over. For example the Chuck Cave just has the player jumping from bone to bone with there been one chuck on each bone. Its not fun or interesting level design.

Sprite Placements are something else I noticed with some been either tricky or pointless places. The first Goomba in the first level falls of the ledge before you even get close to it making it serve no purpose.

Other examples of cut-off like the Castle Midway Point and the Grass Tiles on the cement blocks can easily be fixed as the graphics exist within SMW so you can avoid this. Same goes for the lava in the cave level.

Another issue with the Broken Nets is that right near the end of that section it gets very awkward to platform. Nets are different to Vines as they are more picky with how you can hold onto them. Vines tend to give the player more leeway.
In this instance I found it very hard to get around as Big Mario as he can't climb on certain parts whilst Small Mario can. I did notice that Mario looses his Cap when he is the climbing the wall from the other side.

Lastly like I mention before the level design in a few places could do with tweaking in terms of enemy placement and usage as well as layout.

These are some easy issues to fix so take some time addressing them. #smrpg{y}

Screenshot Link