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The Music Request Thread

Name: Mega Man 1-6, 9 & 10 NES Sound Track
Sampled: Yes
Play List: You Tube
Track Name: Earthbound - Deep Darkness
Sample Usage: Many
Audio Reference: EarthBound (SNES) Music - Deep Darkness
Note Data Reference: MIDI
Track Name: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood - Slash (Stage 4a - Mountain Range)

Sample Usage: Unsampled, or maybe, sampled with Dracula X (SNES) instruments.

Audio files: Midi , Youtube

Observations: This track is often confused with Opus 13, and that's because Konami messed up with the names and swapped then accidentaly. Also, sorry about the midi not being the best. This is the only I've found.
Soldier Blade music - Operation 1
Type: Port
Sampled: Up to the porter
Yt Link:
Track Name: Ending Credits - Mario Kart 64
Sampled?: would prefer sampled but either one works for me
Audio Reference: YouTube
Note Data Reference: MIDI

Additionally, if possible, implementing a loop would be appreciated, as the original song did not loop.
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
Track Name: Earthbound - Deep Darkness
Sample Usage: Many
Audio Reference: EarthBound (SNES) Music - Deep Darkness
Note Data Reference: MIDI

Ran this on nintSPC and seems fine, gotta port this for you
Just some Ys fan lol
Song: Acrobat Mission - Countryside
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo
Name: Sparkster - Pyramid
Type: Port
Sampled: Yes
Youtube: Here
SPC: Here
MP3: Here

Good for an intense pyramid or ruin levels, use SPC2MML, and optimize it maybe.

Bumping this... again.

Have a frost day~
Puyo Maguro World Creator
Name: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Festival of Servants
Type: Port
Sampled: Your choice
MIDI: Link
Youtube: Link

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
NameLeet Fool Intro like the Sega Intro
SampledNo, or maybe the Sega Intro
mp3 fileLink
NameThe Dark Altar - Kirby Star Allies

I was thinking maybe the Secret of Mana samples could be used. (In a similar vein to Secret of Mana - Ceremony)
NAME: Pyramid Song - Radiohead
SAMPLED: none or light, preferably none if possible

i will be impressed if somebody pulls this off, this one's a doozy
Dev Status: None

NAME: Descent - Track 8 - Mars Processing Station
SAMPLED: I'd like sampled, since I don't know if it's even possible to pull off without samples

note that you'd possibly have to modify the midi and tempo a lot, since it relies heavily on very small notes, but the midi tempo is also extremely low
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