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Super Yoshi Race Information

Welcome to the Super Yoshi Race thread. Boshi here. I'm going to explain how this race works. Sit still, listen closely, don't ask questions until I've finished talking.

It's time for you to choose a team! Head over to your Edit Profile page, and choose your favourite Yoshi colour to join that team! All four Yoshies from Super Mario World are here to take part: Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow!

What's the race?

You will notice once your team is selected, you have some new counters in your post sidebar: Coins and 1ups. The next part is really simple. You earn coins by contributing to C3. Here's a quick rundown of how you can earn coins throughout the event:

- Your first thread in the C3 forum will earn you a whopping 10 coins
- Your first reply in the C3 forum will earn you a solid 5 coins
- If you're super creative, and create additional threads this C3 you will earn a generous 5 coins for any subsequent threads made
- Any subsequent replies in threads after your first one, will earn you a nice 2 coins
- If you nominate a submission for this C3's Content Spotlight, you will earn a decent 5 coins per nomination

Note that you won't earn coins by replying to any of the information threads, with the exception of the Content Spotlight thread as above!

In addition to earning coins the conventional way, keep your eyes peeled as a ? Block may appear on some pages at random. Click on this, and you will earn some bonus coins too!

So, what do the 1ups mean, you ask? Well, in the spirit of it being 30 years since Super Mario World was released, we are sticking with the 30 theme. Remember, in Super Mario World, you could earn a 1up if you collected 30 coins in a level and hit this Bonus Block? Well, that's exactly what you're doing here.

Once you have amassed 30 coins (or more), come back to this thread and click on this Giant Bonus Block above! That will take your coins and give you some 1ups in return! So, if you have 30+ coins, it will deduct 30 from your coin counter, and give you 1x 1up in return. Got 60+ coins? You will earn 2x 1ups - and so on. You can hit the Giant Bonus Block as many times as you like; it won't run out of 1ups! Just make sure you have enough coins or you will be bitterly disappointed.

Make sure you you hit the Giant Bonus Block before the C3 weekend ends, to convert remaining coins to 1ups! Once the main C3 weekend event is over, you won't be able to earn any more 1ups (use the timer at the top of every page to know how much time is left)!

How does my team win?

The winning team is calculated by everyone's 1ups! You will notice you can see the 1ups and coins of everyone on your team, but not anyone else's. In order to not ruin the fun, you must not discuss with anyone outside your team how many 1ups you or anyone else has! If you're caught doing that, your 1ups won't count for anything - they'll be removed and you will be letting your team down.

So, the technical part. I'm smart, so the winning team will be calculated by the total 1ups for that team divided by how many users have earned at least 1x 1up. This will give each team a "score", and the team with the highest score wins the Super Yoshi Race! This keeps it fair, so if a Yoshi team has less team members than another, they still have a shot at winning. Because even I'm not that mean!

Every user in the winning team will earn this Super Amazing trophy! I'll even paint it the colour of your Yoshi team!

What else can I win?

Regardless of whether your team wins or not, you have a chance to add three shiny trophies to your trophy case - based on your 1up count at the end of the event!

Get 1x 1up: you get the 1up Trophy; get 2x 1ups and you get the special 2up Sun Trophy; and if you get 3x 1ups, you get the sacred 3up Moon Trophy! Don't stop earning once you've got 3x 1ups, though! Keep going to support your team! Every 1up counts!

The winning team will be announced, and all the trophies will be awarded, alongside the main C3 Voting results!

Alright! That's all the information you need to get cracking on the Super Yoshi Race! So...

On your marks... Get set... GO!

Any questions - ask me in this thread. But, man, you better have read this post properly before asking! Don't make me snap!
Come on, Green Team! You can do it!

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Green Team Go!
We got this!!!
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Blue Team Master Race

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Go Green team.
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Let's Go Green Team! #smrpg{mlem}
green gang baby let's gooooo
Let's go Yellow Team!
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Red team rise up! #smrpg{:O}
Yellow Team need to rise up!
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Go Green!

Green is the color that started it all!
go, green, go!!
Go Yellow Team! Yellow Yoshi doesn't get much appreciation!
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I chose Red for it being my favorite color, before remembering that I've always preferred the Yellow ones. Ah well, the important thing is that we all have fun, and that Red wins.

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