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Let's Do Another Comic!


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With the success of Last year's "Let's Do a Comic" thread... i think it's time we shoot of with the sequel!

Here's how it goes: We each post ONE, ONLY ONE, panel to set up for the comic story. It will be all drawn by me and combined together to build the development and final result.

EDIT: Here's last year's "Let's Do a Comic" as a reference

To properly sumbit a panel script, make your post in the following format:

[Character:] [insert Dialogue] [*Current action*]

Keep this mind too:
-Lets set a Goal of 20 Panels!
-No suggestive/fetish related stuff
-No extreme/political stuff
-Curse words are fine but they'll be censored.

On the start of the final day of C3, I will close panel script submissions, so I can have time to finish everything properly.

With that said, post away!


I hope im doing it right.

Scenario - A pipe suddenly sprouts out of the ground.

Panel 1
Mario: Hmm... another random pipe appared in my backyard. *Mario and Luigi are examining it carefully*
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

Panel 2
Wario: *Shoves them in* Did I do that?
Panel 3:
Goku from dragon ball z:
Hi guys, i'm goku from dragon ball z

Benny Harvey RIP, miss you big man.

Tingle "I'll get you for this!" *Is carried by Takkuri into the sunset*
Please pardon the eye.
Panel 5
Wario:*Ignoring Goku and tingle* They shoudn't return for some time.
Panel 6
Luigi: Take-a this! *Luigi pops out of pipe and wacks Wario with a hammer*
>Mark danced crazy!
Backloggery MyAnimeList
Panel 7
Wario: *Dodges quickly* Too slow dummy!
Panel 8: *Luigi looks incredibly sad, says nothing. Even his mustache looks sad*
Panel 9
Wario then goes: "hahaha, incredible, incredible. now i'm gonna turn my back to you so you'll hit me"
Then he does it while his face turns orange.

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
Panel 10
Then sudently
Wario: SIKE!
*Wario backflips and stomps on Luigi*
Panel 11
*Luigi dies
*Wario runs away

Panel 13: Goku fuses with Mario.
Part 14: the fusion starts trowing random hadokens and hits Wario by accident
Part 15: Close-up of Wario looking less-than-pleased about a hadoken to the booty
Part 16: Waluigi appears from a tree and fuses with Wario
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
Part 17:

Warioigi: "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT! WARIOIGI NUMBER ONE!" (all caps is not necessary, I just wanted to be funny)

The two fused brothers Shoryuken the fused Mario and Goku in retaliation.Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
Part 18:

The shoryuken unfuses Mario and Goku, who are sent flying in oposite directions while screaming.
Part 19:

Warioigi: "The fused bad guys scream really hard as they're victorious."
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