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AnoAno's Ripping Adventure - GFX Ocean (Thank you all for the feedback!)


Hello there, people ! I’m Anorakun, the graphic reaper and welcome to my thread of fantastic (or not so...) rips. While I didn’t rip a lot of things, I did select some of my favorite backgrounds from various games that I like and love. With few exceptions on the way.


Anyway, let’s start day one with one my favorites franchises : Ganbare Goemon / Mystical Ninja. Shall we take a look in each of the rips?

Ganbare Goemon 2 – Snow Mountains

A nice and simple background that fits snow levels very nice. I included the original HDMA with this one too. It’s only used in two levels of the penultime world. One with chair lifts and another one where the player must run from a giant snowball.

Ganbare Goemon 2 – Underground

This one is interesting. In the original game, it has two variants : lava and water. I first tried to rip the lava one, but didn’t work as expected, but then, i tried the water one and it was much easier. It’s used in a “mine cart” level, where Goemon must survive in a moving plataform while enemies try to knock you out. I planned to keep it exclusive to my hack, but since I’m not making much progress, why not share it?

Ganbare Goemon 3 – Factory

This background is one of my favorites. It’s used in the stage 4 of the game. It’s a factory where mecha-walkers are created. Since the background is very wide, I tried to condense it to fit to SMW. I think I made clear this one of my favorite levels in the game. I plan to rip the foreground in the future.

Ganbare Goemon 3 – Inside the Factory

This is one is commonly used in the interior of the factory stage, but also in some smaller stages of the game. Great for some industrial levels. There’s not much to say about this one. It’s nice and simple.

Ganbare Goemon 3 – Bath House / Hot Springs

The main tileset of the sixth dungeon of the game. It’s themed after hot springs and it hides beneath a snowy mountain. Since the background uses two palettes and a half, and the foreground uses three palette rows, I split in two levels. Could work great for some oriental-like temple level.

Here is the Ganbare Goemon pack. Have fun! I’ll bring more stuff in the other days, so, don’t forget to check this thread, if it interests you.

Here is DAY TWO!

DAY THREE is over there!

The final day is upon us! Check it out here for a nice surprise!

Download Everything Here!

BONUS ROUND (Post-C3 stuff) RIPS

Really great rips you've made there Anorakun!

Your stuff is so cool! You're an excellent graphics ripper and have very good taste in rips. I'm excited to see the rest of your stuff!
Thank you all for the feedback. I've separated some of my best rips for the next 3 days. Third day will be a special one. #smrpg{:3}

Lots of Goemon rips I see. These are all well done too, which is epic. I must agree, that factory background is hecking great and has lots of potential for level design ideas.
>Mark danced crazy!
Backloggery MyAnimeList
That's what I call high quality rip.
Not only are you dedicated to planning something memorable, you also have the skills to do it. I'm sure that like me, the community will be able to enjoy its graphics ... and it's only the first day, right?
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
These are some very pleasant rips Anorakun!
These GFX are quite a fashion to look.
As a great Goemon fan, I want to kiss these graphics with my lips.

Thank you.

Have a frost day~
These are some nice rips you've got, can't wait to see the other ones #smrpg{y}
Just some Ys fan lol
I've been keeping an eye on the stuff you've been doing 👀 and I have to give you props not only for the quality of your work, but for your nice taste on picking very nicely done graphics to rip. I can see myself using plenty of these backgrounds (people may criticise me for this, but I think they can go well with some vanilla foregrounds lol). The snow mountains and the factory are so far my favorites. I'll be watching your thread!
Thanks for the compliment, everyone. I did my best to choose my favorite backgrounds. I'm already anxious to post all my rips, I can hardly contain myself, but I gotta save some nice stuff for now.

I'll give you a hint about the next day: it will rock! #smrpg{:D}

I think the rips are fine so far but I'll let you in on a little secret: I prefer the BG editor snapshots instead of the ingame snapshots, I kind of have a thing of hoarding BG editor snapshots of graphic rips but I do practice due diligence and insure that the resulting PNG files have the name of the game, the area and the ripper in the filename. Why do you ask? because I see cool Backgrounds that might be useful in a future SMBX level and I find the ingame snapshots frustrating because of Mario and/or the map16 cutting off the BG, nevermind the fact that the rest of the BG is cut off in the ingame screenshots.

Appreciate your suggestion. I never thought that way. But since I like in-game screenshots too, I decided that I'll include both BG Editor and in-game screenshots. I've updated the first post. Thanks for the feedback.


It’s the second day of C3, you know the drill. Yeah! Even more rips, ohhh yeah! This time around is from one my favorite platformer series : Mega Man. Let’s take a look.

Rockman & Forte – Tengu Man Stage

This background took me a lot of tries to rip correctly, but it’s there.Great for sky levels and stuff like that. Moving to the next one. It’s one of my favorite backgrounds from this game. Props to Capcom for making such a stunning game.

Rockman & Forte – Magic Man Stage

Ever wanted to make a colorful carnival stage in night? Then, this background is for you. The ExAnimation is a bit faster than the original game, but is because of the limitations of SMW. Oh well.

Mega Man 8 – Frost Man (Night)

This is my first attempt of ripping something from the PSX. I tried a lot of backgrounds from this game, but none worked so well. Then I had luck of finding this background from the snowboarding section. A very nice night themed city.


Mega Man X3 – Toxic Seahorse (Sewer)

This background is one that I’ve been searching like crazy and never found, so I decided to rip it myself. Very good for sewer levels, water levels and etc. There’s nothing much to say about this one.

Mega Man X3 – Toxic Seahorse (Water Barrage)

This one is used in some outside areas of the Toxic Seahorse stage. Great for some industrial levels and it’s a very light background, it doesn’t use a lot of tiles. Another simple one, there isn’t much to say.

You can download the Mega Man Pack here. There’s more surprises in the next days, so stay tuned, my dudes.

The Mega Man pack seems really good! Especially the Magic Man Stage one lol
Just some Ys fan lol
The bathhouse bg looks like it was made for some additional hdma effects. Does it use anything in the original game?
pretty cool stuff, especially the underground bg.
Thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
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Great job with all these! The Frost Man one might be my favorite out there.
I reeeeeally like these backgrounds. I might be interested in using these in one of my hacks in progress :O