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3 ports

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

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Oh hi!

I did more than 1 port this time.

Azur Lane - Akagi & Kaga's battle theme


Astronomia - Coffin Dance


Helltaker - Vitality


Happy C3! See you in kitchen.
wakana ports babyyyyyyyyy
gotta blast that coffin' dance
Good ports. The second one is definitely my favorite. Good work! :)
Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
Coffin Dance is win already.
As always your C3 Ports are something I always look forward to hearing.

You've made a grave mistake making that Coffin Dance Port as I expect to hear a lot in hacks that are going to made.
(as well as ones I'll have to moderate #smrpg{argh})

The Helltaker Port sounds pretty good as does the Azur Lane one.
Fantastic work as always Wakana!
this is what it's like when you put your music on shuffle

and it starts playing the real real good ones
The Astronomia port sounds extremely good, very impressive work!
fuck yea

Seriously though, I really love how all these sound (especially that Azur Lane port), great job!
Your porting skills continue to get better and better with each new port you release. These all sound incredible (especially coffin dance), great job Wakana!
I'm absolutely loving that Ghana's National Anthem Astronomia port.

When Mario dies in his last life #smrpg{gasp}

Amazing port as always Master Wakana, keep up the epic job!
i can't believe you ported coffin dance.

really digging these ports! the only complaint i have is that the echo is a touch too strong for my liking in coffin dance, and azur lane's piano is a bit too loud at 0:56, but other than that these are all really solid!
These sound fantastic. 2 of 3 of these songs I've never even heard, Astronomia coffin dance thing is the only one that's familiar to me. Between all three that one is my favourite.

Really nice job on these; enjoyed listening to them!
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The sound from these ports are really nice. I haven't heard of any of those songs but I do enjoy them. ^.=.^

Hey, these sound pretty great! And coffin dance isn't something I expected someone would port, so that was a cool surprise lol
I like personalized music, I support your effort
kool, I don't even know two-thirds of them.
Well, someone had to port Coffin Dance eventually, lol

Nice ports! I'm not familiar with either of the other two's origin, but I'm especially pleased by the first one - it gives me off a Touhou vibe in the best of ways #thp{=D}
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
I can imagine coffin dance becoming viral and getting downloaded 10,000 times once it's in the section. This aside though, i guess i can only agree on what's been said above. Great ports as usual!
Even if there wasn't a single Touhou one this time, I'm still in love with them (but even more with you of course #fim{<3})

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MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release