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Kruela Mario 2 - A glitch-puzzle-hack
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2020 - Kruela Mario 2 - A glitch-puzzle-hack
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Kruela Mario 2 is the glitch-puzzle-hack that I worked on (or, more accurately, procrastinated working on; even going as far as creating an entire pit hack instead of finishing this) for the last 3 years. As the name implies, it is a sequel to Kruela Mario (and thus, this hack is completely in Esperanto!) but my level design has changed quite a bit during the last 4 years. Most importantly, this hack is comparably devoid of kaizo design and instead focuses on being a puzzle hack. This doesn't mean that the hack is easy (in fact, I strongly encourage the use of savestates, slowdown and possibly a lua script for the later levels) but the difficulty mainly stems from the nature of the glitches that are required to finish this hack. Of course, this presumes that you already figured out what to do, which (hopefully) is harder than executing the solution in most cases.

Kruela Mario 2 consists of 24 levels having 29 exits, all of which are accessible from the beginning. This was done to prevent the player from getting stuck early on and never even having the chance to see the later levels. However, the levels are still roughly ordered by difficulty and I suggest that you try them left-to-right, top-to-bottom. The earlier levels are fairly easy (for the genre) and some of them are completely trivial provided that you know the required glitch but I hope that the later levels are sufficiently difficult to accomodate for this. Another thing that drastically increases while you go along is the level length: While some of the earlier levels span less than 5 screens, the final levels are much longer.

As a lot of levels in this hack are reliant on "difficulty by obscurity", this hack is not for you if you don't know a lot of glitches and/or are not willing to look up any of them. To give a more concrete example: The stun glitch is used a fair amount in this hack, so if you don't know what that is... you might want to play a different hack.

Well, who even reads this text? I don't have a clear video ready as making the solutions public on day 1 kind of defeats the point of a puzzle hack, but you can have some screenshots instead:


small download link for version 1.0 if anyone still wants it
I'm excited to smash my head against this hack until I give up. I know I complained about Kruela Mario originally but I've concluded that I like your style and I'm excited to get some ideas about how to actually implement these glitches myself.
looks interesting... a hack based on ones thinking structure is a cool idea! I actually don't see much puzzle hacks here tbh

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Finally figured out how to beat the first level
after realizing that the entire level is fake and best beaten by entering the second level instead (The video might spoil the second level)
Originally posted by dacin
Finally figured out how to beat the first level

Initial reaction: Oh no....

Honestly, I'm extremely impressed. The triple grab alone is amazing but using a null sprite to create something that can hurt you in the top secret area was so unexpected. Oh well, guess I'll just have to remove the springboard, it doesn't serve a purpose in the intended solution anyway. And, just for additional safety, maybe I'll relocate all fake pipes to screen 02 or beyond (probably not, that sounds like work lmao)
And the third level
is just as fake as the first one: (video spoils the fourth level) You should have given each level an odd event number and waited to see how many exits are possible TBH.

In all honesty, I haven't had this much fun playing smw in a long time.
Hack does look good, but I'm no glitch expert.
Damn, that is some serious dedication for a puzzle hack. I remember watching the first Kruela Mario and it was the most creative hack I've ever seen, and this one sounds like it has the same premise from the screenshots. Good job~
Originally posted by dacin
And the third level

OH NO.......

Past me tried so hard to make this reznor-proof, just so that I could try to break-proof the level 1 week before release and introduce a reznor. The "obvious" fix would be to move the entire level down a bit (I assume that would fix this particular break, at least) but... there's a reason this level was placed so high to begin with. Oh well.

Originally posted by dacin
In all honesty, I haven't had this much fun playing smw in a long time.

This is great to hear! I'm glad that someone is actually playing and enjoying this.
Shit dude I love hacks like these! Always hoped they'd make a comeback and it seems like you've done this style justice. Great job with this hack!
That's what I've been looking for so long!

Too bad I lost so much of my glitch knowledge compared to when I've beaten the original Kruela. I guess for now there's not much I can do except waiting for you, dacin or anyone else uploading clear videos.
Looking at the levels in Lunar Magic though feels oddly satisfying already.


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I haven't checked out the original, but that might have to change soon.

I really enjoy hacks that make you have to think of unique ways to escape out of an otherwise impossible situation.

I'll have to check it out soon. #smw{:TUP:}

Did you know that 1+1+1+1=4? If you did, then you can beat the sixth level
by entering the seventh one: That's what you get for taunting me with a Yoshi in slot 7 :slight_smile:

Ps: World 1 cleared, wasn't all that difficult as long as you're not trying to get unintended exits. I'll see how far I get until Sunday and make a video then.

Edit: World 2 cleared, things are definitely getting more difficult and I haven't found any unintended exits so far.

Edit2: I have no idea for Ponto rampita, but I've beaten all other world 3 levels. I love my solution for "Deja vu":
As Yoshi is in slot 8, you need 3 gray p-switches, so you start by stunning the spiny.

Edit3: World 4 was awesome and I love the way I beat the final level.
Its Surely a Nice Puzzle Glitch Hack but is There a Way to Learn all Needet Glitches :D

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I had a blast playing this. It's nice to see certain glitches used for the first time, and the world 4 puzzles are actually difficult. I'm a bit disappointed by how easily breakable some of the levels are. Finding difficult breaks is more fun than finding trivial ones.

Here's my playthrough. Note that this spoils most if not all of the levels. You have been warned.

If I ever finish my pit hack, this might motivate me to build a glitch puzzle hack of my own.
I just watched the entire video and left a lengthy explanatory comment. I'm using this to announce that a version 1.1 of this is coming soon-ish because dacin definitely found too many breaks for my taste.
After watching this video I feel pretty dumb. HF and dacin, you both are geniuses. HF for creating suh an intriguing hack and dacin for breaking the heck out of it! This certainly was an experience #tb{O_O}


looks very advanced keep it up my guy!

Wow, Weird.
I like that kind of hacks! I hope this one will be speedrun'ed because it's so satisfaying seeing people that abuses glitches!

I'm Flandre Scarlet!.
While I' not into these kind of hacks, I always appreciate the amount of work that goes behind them. It's the kond of hack that I prefer to watch instead of playing it.
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