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SMAS OST v2 (Now with Doki Doki Panic, SMA2, SMM2, and More!)

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Hey guys! Back at it again with this monster. I kept seeing comments asking about SMM2 ports being added, especially the SMB1 Athletic theme and people wouldn't stop asking about about the SMA2 stuff so I got hauling like no other. I was porting left and right nonstop any free time I was given. I wanted the ports to be best as can be but I was also on a time crunch. Last second I got too busy with irl stuff so I entrusted Musicalman on the Monday last prior to today. We had already been collabing working off each other's work so I had full faith in his abilities that he knew exactly what sound I was after and boy did he not fail! The SMM2 sampled tracks were mostly exclusively by him alone working off my original texts and I can't thank him enough for getting the last few touches! He's the real MVP here.

Around March I saw Yoshifanatic1 was working on a modified AMK for SMASW and I thought it was awesome! I already had a lot of ports done and some not even uploaded yet but to know that there was an amk in the works that would allow custom music felt so unreal bc it's always been SMW but now someone wanted to open a new area of hacking for SMAS! Seeing as the tool was already using my old ost at the time I quickly dm'd Yoshifanatic and asked if he'd be interested in collaborating seeing as I was planning to update the ost and reorganize it as well as much more and well, after 3 ish long months of back and forth and testing (which was fun on my end), here we are!

Now to the what you came here for, the OST update hehe. I added all level and map songs for SMB1, SMB3, and SMW from Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2. All songs were ported in their respective styles and the SMW ones had sampled versions as well. I also ported the Doki Doki Panic ost in the style of SMAS as well as added all Super Mario Advance 2 songs to SMW. I made a playlist of all the new songs in case you want to hear them!

Summer 2020 C3 Playlist
SMASW+AMK Playlist
Link to Yoshifanatic1's C3 thread
Link to SMASW OST (for SMW)
Link to SMASW OST (for SMASW)

I would like to add that I don't plan to update the submission with these new ports, I do however plan to correct any mistakes and update it. For v2, I'll soon make a resource thread and link it there and should any more come up that I can add to it, I'll constantly be updating it from there.

EDIT: I'd like to add something to make things more clear (even though it's already on the readme). For the sake of clarity for those only looking at this post, outside of me porting, musicalman transcribed sma2 and sma4 as well as did post mixing and editing with me (including taking on 6 final songs this last week by himself this time around), Vitor Vilela ripped all the original sfx and yoshifanatic1 gave me data for 2 missing sfx, the SMA2 sfx were created by Codec (I just converted them to be useable in this version of amk).
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
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Oh hi LadiesMan217! I love your ports! AND WOW I AM SO MUCH EXCITED

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Holy crap that's a lot of ports! They all sound quite good too, I can't imagine making so many ports in the time you did.
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:O Epic! even though im talking to you on discord right now xD
Wow... just wow! You have to deserve a prize for it!
Can't wait till Super Mario Maker 3 comes along and you gotta update this again.
But seriously these ports are fantastic for those making more traditional SMW hacks as well as those wanting some newer older sounding music for their projects.

Fantastic Work as always. #smrpg{:D}
Is there any words that I can use to describe how awesome this collection is.


Then I'll just let all the effort, hard work and awesomeness of this collection speak for itself.
Hey y'all, Scott here!

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Now that's.. impressive, that's really a lot and i really like those ports, specially the SMM2 ones. Great job.
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Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Impressive that you've managed to add even more to this monstrous music pack. Great job as always!
I must say, you've been pretty impressive for the past few months. You've gone above and beyond making so many quality ports related to the 5 games in SMAS+W in recent months to make your already great SMAS soundtrack even better (even before we started the collab, and even with Musicalman helping to polish them), you helped me find tons of bugs with my SMAS+W Addmusick, you tweaked your existing SMAS+W ports to be more accurate to the original game, you made a good unsampled port of a song literally within the day it was released for Super Mario Maker 2, and you did all this despite how busy of a schedule you had. That is some serious dedication! Without your contributions, the SMAS+W addmusick project would not be anywhere close to as polished as it is currently. I could not have asked for a better partner to help with this project than you. :D


Also, for those wondering, yes, in addition to the original songs from SMAS+W, most of the custom songs included in this OST will work in SMAS+W. Unless LadiesMan217 changed them, a couple, like the sampled SMW Airship theme won't work because their echo buffer is a bit too large, as SMAS+W requires more global songs and sound effects than SMW. Most of the other songs I tested should have no problems.

Other than that, if you ever wanted to hear SMM2 music in SMAS, make SMB2 feel more like Doki Doki Panic, use Mario Bros. music in SMB3's battle mode, swap the music between the games, or some other things I'm not thinking of, now you can with my SMAS+W AMK and this OST.
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I listed to a few of some of the new ones I could find, great to see SMM songs combined into this to make almost Mega-Mario-Nintendo-SNES-Style Music pack thing! Top favourite is the SMB3 Snow theme. I actually did an (unreleased) 16bit version of this myself a while back but this is miles better.

Wonderful stuffs!
This pack is just incredible! Big props for all of the effort that has gone into this beast.
The new sound effects are especially grand, and with the dearth of custom sfx that's a huge plus in my book.

(Though it should be mentioned that some of the sfx spcs don't work, like 45 Rocket Blasting Off,48 Boomerang, and 49 Whale Spout. 58 and 59 also sound odd, but I don't know if they actually are accurate.)

Looking forward to how big this project can get! Keep up the good work!

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Really like the Vs Super Mario Bros. one. Hilarious but awesome.
SMB3 Snow is really nice as well. Good job!
You have truly outdone yourself Ladiesman. All the music in this monster of a mega-pack is well done and on point! #smrpg{y}
wait what

I really wasn't expecting something like that. This is so fucking impressive.
holy crap that song list is massive! Great work.
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that takes some biiiig dedication to compile and finish all that.
That's definitely 10/10 ✨
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That's one heckuva HUGE soundtrack, mate! But you forgot to include txt/Super Mario World/Forest.txt, though...

Anywai, great port!
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Originally posted by kamekku14
That's one heckuva HUGE soundtrack, mate! But you forgot to include txt/Super Mario World/Forest.txt, though...

Anywai, great port!

Actually, for that matter, I think it's also missing the King Wart Dialog txt file too.
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by:
Lots of work was definitely put into this thing. The new additions sound fantastic. Overall, superb work! :)
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