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SMWCP2 - Sorry, but something smaller this time [Updates posted!]

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Well, it's that time of the year again. Unfortunately, compared to the updates SMWCP2 had the last two C3's, this one is going to be a lot smaller. Blind Devil has stated that he had lost his PC and was unable to get a new one due to the whole COVID-19 thing. None of the data he had was lost, fortunately, so once he gets a new computer, the level re-insertion shall proceed as planned.

But we hadn't been idle since Blind Devil had lost his PC and his responses were sporadic on the Discord server. Several users have contributed to the project even without his absence. I shall bring out everyone's fruits of labor today, including graphics, music, level redesign, etc.

Magi has completely redesigned the World 2 boss, Alraune, and has given her loads of new frames and a Piranha Plant motif to better fit the theme of Briar Mire and fit into the world of Mario. It's absolutely fantastic, and with new frames, we're going to be giving her new attacks and an adjusted pattern so to not make her boss fight extremely easy.

This is another redesign by me, this time it completely changes the cloud tilesets found all over World 7 (The sky world, both of them) and combines them into one singular set. Palettes are shown above for their respective levels.

I adjusted this background (I don't know who originally made it) so that it would better fit in with the level it's in (This is Reverse Universe, by the way).

And this is the edited Reverse Universe tileset, which was originally used in a different level but is now used here.

New and improved Crystal Conception set. I haven't finished the foreground yet (still need to adjust the grass tiles), but the background is.

This is the new and improved Briar Mire set that I made. 'Nuff said.

A WIP ice background I'm doing. Layer 3 is done, but I have not done the Layer 2 yet.

(Click to enlarge)

Ice-Floe Inferno link
Magi adjusted both FPzero's fire tileset and the ice tileset found in World 8. Well, most of it, anyway.

Now for the music department:
Oriental Opus (revamped by Dr. Tapeworm)
Bamboo Bustle (revamped by Magi)
Dr. Tapeworm and Magi have finished their revamps of two World 3 themes, Oriental Opus and Bamboo Bustle, respectively. They aren't ported yet, but they're done.

And that's literally it for music. Most of the music is already redone, although some still require some adjustments before they can be shown.

One more thing for now: This is the new and improved Overworld main map that I've worked hard to adjust to perfection.

EDIT: New stuff to show! This time, I'll show how the levels look, comparing them old to new.

A WIP of an edited Coral Corridor tileset that was drawn by Feenicks. All that's missing are the seashells and sea stars, as well as fossils for Sunset Split.

These two sets are 100% done and ready to go, just thought I'd show everything I used to make them.

Tropopause Trail:
Old New

Dynamic Disarray:
Old New

Cumulus Chapel (Thanks to SNN himself for commenting on it):
Old New

Reverse Universe:
Normal Inverted

Thanks for taking a look once again, people! If you wish to help us out and get this project pushed out quicker, feel free to join the SMWCP2 Discord server here!

See you all later with more updates! (If we even have any that is XD)
Figured I'd hear about this thing sooner or later.

I'm glad it's still being worked on despite the time frame. The improved graphics look great and the overworld looks a lot more refined.

Can't wait for more!
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Already there are many improvements. I just hope SMWCP2 will be released eventually.
Good to see this still going.
Please pardon the eye.
SMWCP2 or Cyberpunk 2077, which will release first? Jokes aside, I'm so glad to see this still being maintained and updated. Excited to see where the hack goes in the future!
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
Ooo, very nice to see updates to SMWCP2! The new graphics look very nice. Looking forward to when it releases someday.
>Mark danced crazy!
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Oh me oh my this looks fantastic. Excellent job on this, and I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
WOAH loving that one smear in the Alarune sprite frame set- and the animations in general from those gifs displayed- love me some spIN

I also really love that incredible overworld, it's honestly mind-blowing.
I looked at the OW again. It's a bit different that the former one.
SMWCP2 or Geometry Dash 2.2, which will release first?

Well, now we just have to wait
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
That OW is really awesome. I especially liked the sea animation on the beach #smw{<3}
I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel
Really hoping Blind Devil is able to exist again soon so we can see all this progress actually get put into a new base rom, and get us closer to a final release. Great graphical overhauls, fp.
A long time since more has been said about this... very cool to see things moving bit by bit!
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Some of these graphics are truly stunning
Wow these are stunning. It often slips my mind that you're a proper talented GFX artist, Falconpunch!

It's great to see that this project is still chugging along. Wish I had the skills, expertise and time to help out but I have none of that so...

One day I'm sure this will get the release it deserves!
So what is a ballpark percentage on the game?

70% done
80% done
90% done

I know it has to be pretty close to being done.

Also how does one loose a PC? Like if its a laptop then someone can steal it, but a big PC tower?

And I personally have a main laptop, but also some older backup laptops. I always have more than one PC around just in case I need it. Computers are wonderful.
Originally posted by FPzero
Really hoping Blind Devil is able to exist again soon so we can see all this progress actually get put into a new base rom, and get us closer to a final release. Great graphical overhauls, fp.

This - still waiting on most of the levels to be inserted, but you can expect a big burst of extra progress once that's done :d

New graphics look stunning for sure, but for those who are unfamiliar with the project there's a ton of nice content waiting to be discovered, so be sure to have a look around the SMWCP2 forum.
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Originally posted by FPzero
Really hoping Blind Devil is able to exist again soon so we can see all this progress actually get put into a new base rom, and get us closer to a final release. Great graphical overhauls, fp.

Agreed! At least there's no date lost, but looking forward to seeing more of what levels were worked on.

Excellent work! Good to see this is still nice and alive.

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots