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pixelator's Not-Quite-Phenomenal Tileset Collection


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Nice tilesets you got there! Great job!
I really like all these graphics you've made!

The cave tileset has some great palette choices, and i love all the different types of decorative crystals it has, they really make the tileset stand out! It might be my favotire!

The desert tileset got some really good patterns and details! It has some varied decorations, i really like the bricks, cacti and trees, but i'm not sure how much the boxes fit the tileset. (But they look good nonetheless)

The temple tileset also has some really nice patterns! I really like how these patterns vary between the ground, ceiling and the rocks. It also got some really good decorations! I really love it when a temple has vines as decorations for some reason. This rivals the cave tileset as my favorite!

The sweet tileset is pretty unique. I really like the decorations in this one, as well as the chocolate blocks! I'm just not sure if i like those big colored boxes...

The forest/swamp tileset is pretty cool, reminds me a bit of SMM2 in the theme, but also does its own thing. I like the platforms and decorations overall, although i gotta agree with Ninja Boy that the mushrooms feel a bit out of place.
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yo the swamp/forest tileset and the sweet tileset both look great 👀 awesome work here, would definitely consider using these and hope to see more like them!!
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With this, I'm all but out of inspiration for tilesets, so this may very well be the last one I make this C3.

A mutation from the more common factory theme, this smaller electrical plant tileset packs less CRUNCH, but makes up for it with extra ZAP! (The electricity tiles act like solid munchers, so you'll need a custom block if you want them to be pass-through-able.)

Download in original post
Yo! I was using your old desert tileset in my hack, but the new one is even better. Thank you so much for updating it, looks like I'll have to change. Also, I'll definitely give a shot to this industrial one. I love how fluid the electricity ExAnimation looks. #smrpg{:3}
Another great tileset!
I really like this electrical plant. The skinny pipes and decorations look really good, and the electricity ExAnimation is really smooth! Also, i love that little "danger" sign, both cute and hilarious xD
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That is quite a nice factory you got going on there.
Great tilesets. You know, you do a really good job at making your graphics look like they have a lot of texture.
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Huh?! It's a double tileset update!

First, here's a glacier, with everything frozen over. I DID try this back in 2018-2019, but couldn't get it to really look good, but now here it is! Uniquely for my graphics, it exclusively uses palette 4, leaving the more common palettes 2 and 3 open for whatever you want.


Second, I miraculously figured out how to draw rock textures! Oh, yeah, here's a fire/volcano tileset as well, with both small and large volcano decorations, as well as lava flowing out of the walls.


Something special about these two new tilesets is that, they're fully compatible with one another! That means they're arranged so you can plop them both in a level, palettes and Map16 included, and there won't be any conflicts. Go crazy with it!
Naturally, I'm starting to run out of steam, which is why these updates are slowing down.

Our new tileset this time is my own take on the term "haunted house." It all seems just a bit... off... (Featuring climbable poles, wooden platforms, and spikes, among other things.)


This is the second time I've run out of ideas I like, so there's a chance that this'll be the last set I release this C3, for real this time.
You've been amazingly productive for this C3. I really like the tilesets you drew during these days! Especially the cave, temple ruins and swamp/forest ones. These are all so detailed and have a nice variation of decorational objects.
Good job with this and I hope I'll find some proper uses! #tb{:]}

Nice tilesets! I especially like the ice themed one. #smrpg{y}
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Originally posted by me on your submission page
There are a lot of assets here that it should never be boring to make a level with this nor play it. The sand is among the best I've seen in desert sets hosted on SMWC. The stone has pitting, blocks have textures that make me think of old Arabia, and those pillars with matching platforms are an excellent addition to create high-altitude areas. The default palette is deep and natural, though the plants, bones, and blocks can break it up for you if it's too earthy.

The haunted house one is kinda different too! Usually people go for the dusty wooden floor. Here it looks like old curtains draped over the floor and an eerily playful pattern in the floor.

Your glacier set has a nice crystalline pattern in one style of ground and a cool, sharp icicle floor top. The waviness in one pattern leads me to feel it's more "frozen earth" than "frozen water" that the ice sits atop: good job with the variety.

In the volcano set, the stone you used in the desert recolored here looks perfect for a natural-looking pumice stone. The smooth, slightly cracked surfaces of the solid ground look like they've been glossed over by molten rock at a time, and as always, I like your dirt texture. This reminds me heavily of Joe & Mac 2's Scarlet Carpet level since it not only looks volcanic, but looks prehistoric, namely like the Precambrian era where the whole world was molten lava beginning to cool.

The power plant set is awesome (not very many in this style outside of Mega Man rips) and the electricity thing can easily be fixed on the player's end using a hurt block with non-solid properties. The signage is pretty funny and you've got a lot of fitting props.

The forest set looks like a marriage of GBA Kirby and Sonic styles. I mostly like it, but I can't help but feel even with the animation that the poison seems flat and solid: if you had any leftover tiles and a leftover color, it'd be worth adding a darker shades of fitting shapes where the ground or props go under the muck or to create a wavy shadow of the grass on the surface of the poison.

The candy and cake set look superb and cavity-inducing.

The temple set does have some nice weathered-looking textures and Maoi statues (rarely used, so props for the originality in exploring suiting ideas) and while the black outline makes it clear what's a contact surface and what's not, I can't help but feel that the outlines around the non-contact objects are much too light in comparison... deeper contrast between shades would be an easy fix. The vines having outlines when the grass on the ground it's under doesn't have them creates a bit of confusion about the black defining contact surfaces too: I'm wondering how it'd look with just black outlines.

Your work is really good overall!

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