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sike its an spc thread

I wanted to port a bunch of songs I liked* with an emphasis on accuracy and, in some cases, to closely mimic the original as best as possible with the given samples, so I ported a bunch of songs I liked with an emphasis on accuracy and, in some cases, to closely mimic the original as best as possible with the given samples.

awakening: spc | submission
emerald hill 2p: spc | submission
land of dwarves: spc | submission
port town: spc | submission
sand storm: spc | submission
robotnik s1: spc | submission
slow moon: spc | submission
final zone: spc | submission
casino night 2p: spc | submission
never return alive: spc | submission
collision chaos present: spc | submission
gau: spc | submission

secret hidden bonus songs

cosmo plant: spc | submission
sandopolis 2: spc | submission
under logic: spc | submission

Fun fact, out of all of these, the oldest port is Port Town, which I started in like, 2015 as one of the last ports from MIDI that I've ever done.

The first four in the list have been released into the wild. I'll submit the rest of these over the course of the next few days, but for now you'll have to experience them through the site spc player. Or your own, if you're into that. Either way, I hope you enjoy my ports. If you don't, that's fine too.

And two Sonic 2 songs is totally proof that I haven't abandoned that project yet, I just got bored of working on it for a while. Yay!

*and emerald hill 2p
the streets of rage ports are AWEsome, I haven't listened to the other ones but they're probably good too
Neat! I like the casino night 2p port, sounds really good!
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Originally posted by Sancles
the streets of rage ports are AWEsome, I haven't listened to the other ones but they're probably good too

I agree. Why does the Streets of Rage games always make for good SMW ports?

The Casino Night port also sounds pretty banging.
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yes i love these

Haven't heard much of these songs before but the ports by themselves sound amazing. That F-Zero port sounds neat by the way.
Good job with the Sonic ports, but is it just me or is the trumpet of the Sonic 1 Robotnik theme a little loud?

Gosh, these are great! I'm especially surprised by how well the Pitch Modulation works for Port Town! I actually had to download the .spc file to check if was lightly sampled. #tb{:p}
I like this port collision chaos present #smrpg{y}

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Yeah, really enjoy the Streets of Rage ports.

Also in particular enjoy many of the sanic ones as well. Final Zone and Robotnik are some of my favorites here. <3

Really good Sonic ports.
mmmmm these is some spicy ports ✨
Absolutely fantastic as always!
Very fine job, as always! "Never Return Alive" and "Port Town" are definitely my favorite ones.
If these ports were food, they would taste exquisite. I also really enjoy the Collision Chaos Present and Sonic 2P ports in particular. It's an overall well done job!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
sonic may be smelly, but you do his songs very well, great ports. want 100$
I've heard these all a billion times in our continuous feedback exchange, but I absolutely love the Sonic ones! Casino Night 2P and Collision Chaos in particular are funkey and nice. The latter's instrumentation in particular is also really impressive given all the random background sounds the original has, which you recreated. Final Zone sounds really crisp and close to the original.

As for the songs with which I'm not as familiar with, I really love Awakening, you pulled off the instrumentation superbly.

this is it luigi made me laugh

Another nice round of high quality hazel ports. The Streets of Rage and the Sonic CD ones gotta be my favourites. Of course the others are really nice too, but I think you really hit it out of the park with these 2 in particular!
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hazelie im proud of u

You never cease to amaze me with the Streets of Rage ports, and the rest of these are pretty incredible too! I remember you sharing some of these with me in DMs and its nice to see them get released. Good work Hazel #smrpg{<3}
Loves the ports, Nameless, espeically never return alive. Nobody can't port the Streets of Rage tracks as well as you, especially in unsampled form.
Sonic is sh!t but your ports of these games are still so well made. Though personally I prefer your other ports way more. "Slow Moon" and "Port Town" are my favorites I think, though I definitely dig that you were doing 2 FF6 ports too. Gau is such an underrated character and has such a sweet and relaxing theme #tb{:j}

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