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Rykon-V73's first C3 thread is: - SMW Fix - official patch - bonus update 1

PatchSpriteSuper Mario World

Hey there. andy_k_250 made a patch called Super Mario World Fix-All patch, version 1.0 that fixes most of SMW problems, but I felt those edits aren't enough, so I decided to spice the patch with more edits for the sprites and ASM(a bit) of Super Mario World. So I present you:

Super Mario World Fix-All patch version 1.5

I added more edits to make some edits and some sprites better, as well as posted about 8 codes requested by different SMW users. In case you want to go back to the original value, then some edits do have those. It's time to show 3 examples of what can you really do with this:

org $00D11A	;Mario won't flip x-wise when dying. Original value=$85.
db $60

I tested my hack here.

org $00D0F1	;disables TIME UP message.
db $80

Also tested this on my hack. I wanted a gif here, but couldn't on my laptop.

org $0196C6	;prevents shelless Koopas from hopping out of stunned shells. Use with the address 
db $04		;below. Original value=$1A. Useful if you want extra GFX for new sprites.

org $01AA15	;prevents shelless Koopas from hopping out of stunned shells. Use with the address
db $FF		;below. Original value=$02. Useful if you want extra GFX for new sprites.

It should have said above. Anyway, if you apply this edit, you can edit the shelless koopa GFX for new GFX. Here are 3 screens below:

Here: Mario is about to stomp on koopa, then koopa is stuck in his shell and then the koopa walks again.

With this patch, you can edit the layer 3 border GFX with ease.
Also, for main event:

Big download!

Feedback is appreciated.
Woah, its a huge collection of hex edits! Cool!
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
Very useful, thank you!
There are quite a few hex edits here and quite a wide variety of them! Certainly can get some use out of it.
>Mark danced crazy!
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I see it was worth it.
Re-download the file. It has 2 more fixes related to line-guided sprites and their x-positions.
SO MUCH HEX EDITS! LUL i hope you didn't break the rules

Anywai, nice patch, tho~
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Now that's some useful stuff! Well done 👏
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Thanks and last update for now. Click the link from first post.
Added hex edit with a key and 3 with Yoshi. Read the info about the key in the .asm file.
Oh wow. I was a bit confused about the thread's contents since those hex edits you posted are tweaks, rather than fixes, and the .asm file happened to be down at the time, but now I see it.

I then started to blabber about how SMW-Fix was a rather weird patch for fixing a seemingly random amount of bugs (and definitely not close to all of them), and how I wished someone compiled more bugs into a single thing, but welp, here it is! This has a lot of stuff. It must've taken a while to put all of this together, so great job!
A decent up-to-date-does-a-lot-more fix-all patch is certainly something needed! Love that you added a lot of common hex edits/tweaks into it too. This will prove useful to many, I'm sure!
Geez, that's a lot of hex edits inside a single patch.
This proves to be a thousand times more useful. It's nice to see a plethora of tweaks inside the SMW-Fix we're used to. Nice one!

Dude, since the original SMW-Fix, it is nice that someone had the time and mainly the effort to compile quite a number of hex edits to make a true SMW-Fix patch. Good work, Rykon.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Thanks and I thought I need to share this to everyone on the site.
Re-download one last time.
Last update: Added 2 other fixes for Yoshi, Super Koopa, 1 for Hammer Bro and 1 for Dolphin.
Edit: Re-uploaded it, as I forgot.
I have no update anymore. I might add a few things for the next C3. Meanwhile, check this link.
While I do wait for responses about my original GFX thread and DKC2 layer 3 thread, I'd figure I'd post one bonus update of the SMW Fix official patch. Re-download. Below you can change some timers for the Bowser boss battle, change the stun timer for goombas, buzzy beetles, mechakoopas and bob-ombs, play with Pokey' tiles, his X-speed, Bowling Ball Bowser throws, it's X-speed, Y acceleration, max falling Y speed, hard bounce, soft bounce and tile used by the Pitchin' Chuck's baseball. Useful if you don't want STEAR.
This is such an interesting patch, really just hex edits and some currently hosted fix patches are a bit better in how they actually fix issues but having everything in a single spot is really helpful.

PatchSpriteSuper Mario World