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Mario - The Mysterious Gem, 3 GFXs and 1 port

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Hello, welcome to my C3 thread!

Mario - The Mysterious Gem

"A few years ago a mysterious gem fell in Mushroom Kingdom,
unfortunately it was Bowser who found it. Mario, when knowing about this, went in search of that gem, but unfortunately, Bowser's henchmen managed to catch him and he was imprisoned in a place called Gehenna, he needs to escape from there and stop Bowser before it's too late."

Well, this is my project that i'm developing since 2018, a lot of things happened and have been changed in this hack in these last 2 years (so don't expect anything from the 2018 version because everything you saw in it probably doesn't exist anymore), in 2019 the development of the hack almost stopped because i was very unmotivated with the hack but at the end of 2019 the motivation came back and in 2020 it got even more strong, anyway, i would like to show the demo i've made, it contains 4 worlds (of which there will be 8 in the final version).


Title Screen:




So i've made 3 FG tilesets, here they are:







I've also made an original composition for my hack


It seems to be a interesting hack, i'm going to play it for sure #smrpg{:D}
Just some Ys fan lol
The grassland seems to be a thing with 2 colors added there. The rest of the GFX do look nice.
This seems a really good hack, might gonna play it tommorow
Kirbo was here
Seems like a classic of the hack genre, Looks great! Can't wait to check it out.
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
Interesting hack, It's very good#smw{:TUP:}
i will change this eventually
I just played this hack a little while, it has a lot of effort had been put and so far it's pretty nice. You've been doing good job with obstacle input and good visuals. I even like the idea of starting the hack from cave (or hell).

Although when you will release it full I suggest increasing lives counter, as the hack starts kinda difficult, especally more challenging for casual players.

Also good tilesets you have.
So Is this Now a 4 World Demo or Beta Full Game Becouse the Game Goes One After World 4 They Seems all Playable But After The Tank Level in World 8 The Level After if its Beaten without Debbug it Goes no Farter But its Seems the Levels are Complete Only Exception the Castle from Bowser :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Ops, seems that i've made a little mistake, the idea was to the demo end in the world 4, fixed.

i may have seen these screencaps before... but it still looks like the beautiful hack. also good to see the graphics release as well, especially the forest tileset.
Originally posted by Mr. MS
Ops, seems that i've made a little mistake, the idea was to the demo end in the world 4, fixed.

Its Defenitely a Nice Hack but im Stil Wonder Will the New Version have No more Switch Place or is one in World 2 I dint Figure out yet were the Secret Hidden Pipe is but The Graphics are Great and i can See a lot of Effort in the Hack :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Given I helped you testing some things in your hack, I have to say, MS: you're an artist with OWs. I'm really proud of you in this aspect. In the levels department, they are fine, no glaring errors; the thing is, sometimes I see that some ideas are kinda... repeated a bit through the hack. A nitpick of mine, I must say; it does not negate the fact you're also creative with your level work.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Only judging the screenshots so far I fell in love with your palettes. They are much more beautiful than anything I'd be capable of. I'm definitely looking forward to giving this a closer look #smw{:peace:}

This has gotta be one of the more delightful hacks I have seen recently. Especially the palette work in those screenshots is very well made. I really gotta check out the demo later on this C3.
I'm really liking the tilesets too, especially the desert one! They all fit very well into SMW and I'm sure many people will be happy to use them. #smrpg{y}
// Layout by Maxo
Brings me back to the day when I would play mostly just normal to hard difficulty hacks. This looks really well polished, looking forward to playing it!
Looks very promising from the screenshots am looking forward to full version.

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

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Looks like a fun and promising hack to play. Yet another one to go on my todo C3 playlist! ^.=.^

I can only comment on the screenshots at the moment and say, wow that's a hell of a start to a hack. I've seen maybe one or two Mario prison breaks this is a new extreme. I do like most of your palette work, especially the hilly grasslands, pyramid background, and caves: the hue shifting is eye-catching. You're definitely talented. I do find the forest screenshot (next to the underwater screenshot) is comparably grey, almost dead rather than just in the shade - I don't think adding a little more saturation could hurt it. I say experiment with it for a bit. Not quite sure yet what to make of the level design since I haven't downloaded it yet: the screenshots imply action-oriented, but momentum is what I can't yet gauge.

Glossing over the other comments given to you, it sounds like it has a lot to offer. I definitely do want to play your demo some time after C3 and give you more detailed feedback in the comment section if you're submitting it to SMWC's regular hack section.

I can't stop seeing the Nyan Cat in the ruins as a canceled postage stamp.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

This level has this coloration because i wanted to give the idea of something darker because it is cloudy and it is raining.

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