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Mario - The Mysterious Gem, 3 GFXs and 1 port

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemoResource ReleaseScreenshots

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Very nice tilesets, M.S.! #smrpg{:3}

I started to play your hack, but I need to continue after the first level. So much topics to visit and check, sorry about my attention spam being shorter than a goldfish. I'll play it now and give you some feedback later.

very cute li'l tilesets! they go nicely with smw's style. i'm especially liking the desert one here.
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to hear birds and see none.
Looking amazing. Fantastic work! Can't wait to see the full game finished. #thp{>:)}
Oh yes, I've been meaning to tackle this one since before day one.

This is definitely the highlight of this C3 as far as demo hacks go. It really shows how much effort went into every bit of this just by looking at the screenshots. Everything looks extremely beautiful.
I gave this a quick shot and I just got to world 2. This is definitely on the harder side of things, but so far it's been very manageable. The levels are pretty fun and hardly ever unfair (I'm a bit turned off by that wall of fireguys in the stage prior to the castle though lol, but it's a very short first half in that stage, so I'll excuse it). I also appreciate the change of setting in world 2 (and sort of expected it).
I quite dig the fiery tone of the first world, but seeing a green field and getting more open stages afterwards is really refreshing!

You chose not to release this hack fully this C3, and I believe your choice was for the best. I look forward to the full release after you put even more polish in this. Needless to say, amazing work thus far!!

Also, the tilesets look really good, and your composition is also quite nice despite its simplicity. Nice that you gave a shot on making some resources yourself :)
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Those screenshots look super promising, I can't wait to see more of the progress!

Originally posted by Mr. MS

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GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemoResource ReleaseScreenshots