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Tamaki's Music Box

MusicResource Release

Hello friends! Today I'm bringing a few ports of mine to the event. They're mostly lightly-sampled, but I also have one fully-sampled port I never got to release! Here's a list of them:

Final Fantasy Legend - Furious Battle (Romancing SaGa 3 Style): SPC.
This started as an attempt to replicate Kenji Ito's style for a SaGa song he didn't actually compose, but I don't think I quite got it, which is why I didn't release it until today. I took some inspiration from a Japanese port and Atma's port of this song, so I hope that's not an issue!

Wagyan Paradise - Smiley Tree: SPC.
I found this cute game thanks to the SnesDrunk YouTube channel (you should totally check it out, by the way!), and the music surprised me a lot! That's why the rest of the ports are all from that game. #tb{:p}

Wagyan Paradise - Jewel Cave: SPC.
A pretty mysterious-sounding track! For this one I used Maxodex's @2 + @3 layered sample, so credits to him!

Wagyan Paradise - Forest: SPC.
This game is full of very catchy music. Can you believe Wagyan Paradise is actually a Japanese educational game? Me neither!

Wagyan Paradise - Roller Coaster: SPC.
My personal favorite! It's so full of energy that it makes me want to dance, hehe. Also, the original had a Mario Kart-like race intro, but I removed it so its usage isn't as restrictive.

Download everything here!

I'll be submitting all to the music section soon, too! Oh, and I want to thank Musicalman, as he helped me immensely with the chorded samples!

I wish I had more to share, but this pandemic is draining all my time lately. I hope these suffice!
Promising ports. Downloads those.
Nice ports, gotta download this
Just some Ys fan lol
these wagyan paradise ports are really cute, i love them a lot! good job and please do more songs with smw samples!!!
The Wagyan Paradise ports are so cute, and you used the SMW samples really well! They have a nice, sharp sound that suits the songs really well. I'm trying to pinpoint specific parts that really stand out, but I can't because it's all so great. The @1/@2 chords with @0 beeping in Smiley Tree, the layered @3 and/or @0 flute (is it @3? I can't actually tell) with the @4 backing in Forest, and just everything about Roller Coaster, where the instrumentation brings out the happiness so well!

As for the Furious Battle port, I'm not super familiar with the original, but it definitely gives me that SNES JRPG battle theme vibes, so I'm inclined to say you pulled it off.

God yeah, I gotta check out the full OST of Wagyan Paradise after listening to these ports. They're sounding very pleasant and clean, nice job!
Ooooh! How lovely! Makes me wanna check out the original OST for these... And the magic done with SMW samples is well executed!
I love the Wagyan Paradise ports, and the fact that they're mostly unsampled is very impressive (also, taking a glance at their txt it's clear that it must've taken a lot of effort). And they don't even use echo, what is this sorcery!
I'd say "Forest" is my favorite, with "Roller Coaster" coming in close as second favorite :)
I'd only heard of SaGa so I wasn't familiar with these other songs but Wagyan Paradise ports sound pretty good. I'll have to investigate their source at some point.
>Mark danced crazy!
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Amazing job Tamaki, I really liked the roller coaster one the most
The ports here sound super nice and adorable! Well, the Wagyan Paradise ones do at least, the Final Fantasy Legend port just sounds super nice and energetic. I can see all of these working well for any level that would fit their themes. There may also only be a small handful of ports here, but the quality of them definitely outweigh the quantity.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Its been great seeing you experiment with unsampled ports more and these Wagyan Paradise ports are really creatively assembled. Great job with these and I can't wait to see you do more!
God yes, this may be the thing that will finally make me check out Wagyan Paradise's OST in full (had the soundtrack sitting on my SPC collection for a long while but never bothered checking much of it (despite how much some people I know talked about the OST and how much they like them)), especially with how amazing some of these ports sound haha; Roller Coaster is definitely my favorite here, but I also like the FFL port quite a lot, and personally I feel like you got Kenji Ito's style pretty well here, especially with the percussion suddenly speeding up in random parts of the song, which personally reminds me a lot of the second "Four Noble Devils" theme quite a lot (hopefully I got the name right, since I never played RS3 lmao); overall, these are quite good haha
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Oooh Yeaaah, it's amazing you are doing better and better #smrpg{y}

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The Wagyan Paradise ports came out really well! I can tell you put a good deal of effort into these. ^.=.^

Great work as always, Tamaki. These ports from Wagyan Paradise are neat; my personal preference is the roller coster one. All of them are pleasing to hear.

Dream team (feed them, please):

I am just vibing to those Wagyan Paradise ports. Good job! Excellent work.
The Wagyan ports are really sweet and cute, I really like all of them despite I don't know the originals at all.
The Final Fantasy one feels a bit weird to me, but maybe it's because I'm not used to how the original sounds. I'm more used to the one you hear in SMWCP. I assume you went for more accuracy.

Great job nonetheless! #smrpg{<3}
It's always a pleasure to listen to your ports! Never heard of the Wagyan game, but you managed to create such beautiful port for it. I think I like the Jewel Cave the most, mainly for its mysterious feeling. Quality wise every one of this is excellent and proves what a highly skilled porter you are! #w{<3}

Great job on these!!!

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