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💗 sappho AKA idol's kaizo hack AKA 100 mice AKA beast wars on vhs 💗

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this thread is my campaign to earn your (the voters) respect and admiration. i would like to take this time to educate on "SAPPHO", my upcoming kaizo hack. i hope you enjoy. leave a like and comment if you did.

welcome to sappho! otherwise known as sappho of grade ten, or idol of sappho, or 4 sapphic mice jump and yump and kump and stink up the whole house. much of everything shown here is still SUPER WIP.

i wanted to highlight a few levels, and i thought i'd maybe do one or two each day over the course of c3 or something. just to have a reason to keep updating this thread and hopefully getting more replies. and attention. and love. and kindness.

level one is called "nevada". it's a story about cacti men, murder, and desire.

the first section is about introducing the player to these little wacky cactus men, along with their friends "pokey", "pokey cosplaying as anonymousbloodlust", and "big fat timer platform". these enemies are all VERY strong, so players bewarned...

the second section introduces something i think a lot of players like: RNG

these little men shoot these projectiles in a random direction, meaning the player has to stick on their toes. no relying on patterns or anything, y'all! there's also a third section, but it remains secret... for now.

each level also has a portrait room! i saw other hacks did it, usually for other streamers or something. i decided to include pictures of all my SMW friends, starting with S.N.N.!

i'm not too sure how many exits this hack will have in the end. i have a handful of levels so far made, plus circadian from kldc 2020 will be included in this hack. each level is gonna be on the longer end of things, and most of this hack will probably be different from most modern kaizo given my general disinterest in it. i just wanna make some evil shit.

i'll give another update later showing off... birds and birds with saws and little smashing men.

Quite the effective hack and nice Oreo reference.
Really liking the level design shown so far. You always have a very unique style and it'll be neat to see it on full display outside contests.
I like that pokey drop. That's really well set up!
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

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that looks hard as balls

also do I see some Mega Man-styled scrolling
oh, so you also found SNN's LinkedIn picture...

Anyway, Invictus had already set a quite high bar for good aesthetics in kaizo hacks, but this is absolutely off the charts.

Already I can sort of see this differing from today's mainstream kaizo in some ways. The setups in the first stage seem to give the player plenty of reaction time even in your first go, which is a trend not everyone follows. And the second level seems much more execution-based than learning-based. I don't enjoy kaizo overall, but I'd be willing to give something like this a shot - it looks quite fun.
Hello idol! I like your shooty men and SNN looks very handsome. I am excited to see the little smashing men. Have a Blessed Day in Christ!
hi idol this hack looks pretty. I really like that a lot of effort has gone into sprite placement, making each element work together etc. Those shaped bubblewater tiles are cool and could really make for some cool setups.

I have 0 knowledge on kaizo, but from an outside perspective it looks great!
this looks sick as hell. really digging the rng room and how it's laid out, can't wait to see more! i hope its as sapphic as the name suggests
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This looks rather nice and challenging.

Looking forward to seeing more of this and see how it all plays out. ^.=.^

I'm not really a kaizo sort of guy, but I do really enjoy the visual style this has. It's super vivid and colorful, and it works perfectly, I feel.

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
So that's what SNN looks like...

You never disappoint as always. The level design and graphics used are some of the most jaw-dropping in my humble opinion. I'll be keeping an eye on your content because it looks cute 👀 Nice work, my friend. I can't wait to enjoy myself on it!
Looks excellent, as usual. I'm not a kaizo kind of person but I'm absolutely going to give this a shot.
I swear the amount of effort and detail you put into your hacks is always astonishing. This looks really well made and creatively assembled, I'm looking forward to seeing more from this project!
I've gotta say, this looks like a very approachable kaizo hack. Like, it looks like even I could handle this one, and I don't play kaizo, like, ever. I'm excited to check this out, i've been getting a lot better at kaizo lately.
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Amazing, I would play it

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It is so good to see a kaizo hack made by an experienced hacker who is not part of the kaizo/twitch scene. Nothing against the "Streamer Kaizo" genre, I love it, I play almost exclusively kaizo:light hacks. That said, something different and creative is always welcome. Kaizo is a lot of fun for a lot of reasons, but lately most hacks seem like the variation of the same old tricks. I might even be guilty of that, a little bit. Well, at least we still have Morsel
I am *not* a Kaizo fan, and I only clicked on this because I saw "Beast Wars" in the title. Was that done just to get my attention? Either way, I love the graphics for that Pokey level. Did you draw them yourself?
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots