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💗 sappho AKA idol's kaizo hack AKA 100 mice AKA beast wars on vhs 💗

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

thank you for the replies, everyone. its time to look at some birds:

this level is called "romance", because these birds are romantic.

sometimes these birds carry koopas or grinders on their head. they also carry weirder stuff as the level goes on. also sometimes there is smashing layer 2 men, and it can be evil.

this is a shorter post, but tomorrow we will look at evil ghost men and rotten mushrooms.
This hack is among one of my most anticipated kaizo hacks in progress. The graphics all look stellar, the gameplay from what I’ve seen in KLDC is absolutely wonderful, it flows really well AND the custom ASM made for it are all mindblowing. Can’t wait to give it a go!
If looks could kill. That dissonance between the bright and cheery skin and the chaotic energy of the beast within underneath is something to behold. It's probably going to lull someone into thinking it's an easy game with its cuteness then they get lit up by a cactus on MARIO START.

I'm not used to seeing Kaizo hacks make use of custom sprites. The Yoshi's Island stuff already seems to be making for an experience different from that of common Kaizos. I can't get over that Goonie carrying two Grinders on its back or how scary that layer 2 smash spike comes down right as you exit the screen.

How long was I in a coma for, that S.N.N. already changed from a stick figure with a crown and a beer to an Oreo?

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
The graphics look great and, like Counterfeit said, is deceiving. I think that's actually a great choice. When I was first looking through the thread, I saw the first shot and thought, "Well, this looks adorable," then I kept scrolling and it took me by surprise. Look forward to more on this one! :)
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Can't wait to play this one. Idol always brings some exciting and unique gameplay.
I just adore the style of this hack!
Not only does everything look nice but it looks consistent.
Its a small thing but it really makes the hack feel more polished and unified and I appreciate that!
This hack looks absolutely stunning, both regarding the level design (which in fact doesn't really look like traditional kaizo, and I like that) and the aesthetics, which feel vary consistent. I'm guessing you made all the graphics for the hack?

Either way, great job as always idol #smrpg{y}
I always liked your level design style from how you lay out obstacles, and with it being kaizo I can see this hack really taking off. Wait this isn't nominated in the spotlight yet? Time to fix that.
The hack looks great, but I didn't expect anything less from you either.
Does the name "sappho" have any deeper reason though?

I feel like your really pulling out all the stops in terms of the hacks aesthetics.
Some of these Yoshi Island Enemies with their new coats of paint look pretty slick.

I am curious though more so about you as a level designer. I've seen your other projects and am just curious what you like about Kaizo/Hard level design over more "traditional" levels.
From what I see your levels are really technical which is something I do like to see in SMW.
Does it just come down to preference or is it just the given freedom of a more Kaizo Hack that allows for your creativity to just do its thing?

(not meaning to interview you I just have an interest in how people approach and design things as we all do it differently and your hacks/levels always have something so appealing to them)

But yeah nice work and I am looking forward to seeing more! #smrpg{y}
I'm not really experienced with Kaizo hacks, so I'm not sure if I'll check this out, but let me just say that I really, really like the screen-scrolling effect. I don't know if this is the first hack doing it, but it's the first hack I'm seeing it in and it makes so much sense for a Kaizo hack. It keeps the sections short and consistent while also being smooth and not too drawn-out, unlike regular transitions in SMW. The End Is Nigh was built similarly to this, and I just think it makes so much sense for difficult 2D platformers.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
man kaizo what a waste 😔

seriously though, I very much dig the romhacking stuff you make, everything looks and plays so cohesively, and I also like how you dare using a lot of resources that usually go unnoticed. also aesthetics are on point.

all the best of luck with this one
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to hear birds and see none.
those mario graphics and stage one tiles are really good i wonder who made them #smrpg{sick}
It's a pit that kaizo is not my favorite genre. Your hack have such nice, colorful visuals. Sappho is an interesting name, i wonder if there will be any level called "Leucadian cliffs", lol.
Anyway, good luck with you project.
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
Well, that's a colorful hack for sure. I'll be honest, I'm not very good in kaizos, but this and Punishment Zone are on my radar. Colorful stuff catch my interest. Even if it's an evil kaizo. #smrpg{:D}
At least the RNG is in the first level so speedrunners will pull less of their hair out.
I love what Im seeing here idol great job!
Wow, Weird.
Originally posted by Sariel
Does the name "sappho" have any deeper reason though?

i named it sappho because im gay as fuck

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I am curious though more so about you as a level designer. I've seen your other projects and am just curious what you like about Kaizo/Hard level design over more "traditional" levels.

i channel my mental illness into my romhacking and what happens happens

Originally posted by mit
those mario graphics and stage one tiles are really good i wonder who made them #smrpg{sick}

anyways let's look at ghosts, specters, and ghouls aplenty:

you'll find all kinds of spooky ghosts here in "posthumous", a ghost house centered around fishing boos and boo lasers. and sometimes both:

you'll have to learn to become real buddy-buddy with some of these beastly, foul fools. like... real buddy-buddy:

and that's all i have 2 show this time around! thank u for all the kind words and compliments. i can live another day now.
the style is pretty awesome, and while its kaizo it looks pretty fun to play. except...
Originally posted by idol
the second section introduces something i think a lot of players like: RNG

also didn't know "portrait rooms" had a name. interesting!
Oh, I love the bubbles in the ghost house! One of the coolest ways of making floating water I've seen so far. The ghost house in general looks like a nice and varied challenge.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots