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Stereo BRR Request Thread >> The Rise of BRRs


Last time...

Welcome back to the (summerly?) Stereo BRR Request Thread where I rip samples based on your favourite sound clips to samples you can use for SMW! So apparently I didn't do one of these in Winter C3, so here I am again better than ever now that COVID-19 has almost everyone in self-isolation. Anyway, this thread is useful for if you want to have your own custom "logo" sfx.

Let's refresh ourselves with the rules as usual.
- I have every right to ignore your request under any means. Though I won't be picky. That being said I will do my best to say no.
- Recommended time with samples is 1-3 seconds long. The longer it is, the less I'll guarantee I'll even do it.
- If you want it a lower quality for insertion sake, or if you know you have a lot of space in your rom, let me know!
- You can have your sample either Mono, Pseudo-Stereo, NEW! *Surround, or Stereo. Keep in mind Stereo samples take up twice the space if you want to use them in your rom.
- If you want to have the sample looped, mention it!
- To prevent the mess of having to rip 50 samples for one user, I'll limit it to 5 pur post! Any more and I [probably] won't do all of yours. IT'S LIGHTNING ROUND TIME, GO NUTS!!!
- After I am done your samples, you can post again. GO NUTS Y'ALL!
- Try not to request samples I already did. Search the previous threads to see what I've done before.
- I'm less likely to rip actual instruments. Not that I won't, just saying I'm not the best at that.
- Rip the WAV/MP3/OGG/FLAC/other sound files yourself, if possible. I am now accepting BRR file optimizations too! (Tho, it'll take twice as long)

*note that this isn't "true" surround; it's an audio illusuion that few SNES games actually used. Best known example is Trials of Mana's OST.

To help make requesting easier, use the template below.

Originally posted by template
Sample(s) I want ripped: [link]
Length: (Seconds. If the length establishes itself, it's not required)
Style: [Mono/Phseudo-Stereo/Surround/Stereo]
Looped: [Yes/No]
Space Friendly: [Yes/No] (Might not be possible in certain cases)
Other Comments: [Fill if necessary]

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Sample(s) I want ripped: The Lost Vikings II - Fang Howl
Length: -
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Space Friendly: No
Other Comments: Is it possible to make it vanilla sequenced? Like using SMW flutes, I want to use it as a power-up sound effect in game. If not, go on and convert the sample instead.

Have a frost day~
Puyo Maguro World Creator
Hi! My request is a Nintendo Present, as usual. Here is the .WAV
I don't know how port works so i guess that you know what to do. Good luck and thanks in advance!
Sample: Nintendo Switch Click
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Space Friendly: Yes
Other Comments: I want to use this as a Nintendo Presents sound.

Lenght:2 seconds
Space Friendly: Yes, if possible.
Comment:I want to use this as a the Nintendo Presents sfx.
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Thanks for playing and have fun!
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Style: Mono
Length: 1 second
Looped: No
Space friendly: Sure
Comment: I want to use for Nintendo Presents sound

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Batch 1
It includes everyone so far. Small note to bandicoot: your audio file was mono so I included both a mono and a "pseudo-stereo" version since you can't really make a mono file a "stereo" without just having it sound the same with two of the same sample.

Requests will be opened until the C3 forums close!
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Thanks for finishing my order, I will use the sample right away #smrpg{y}
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W.I.P. Hacks:
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Sample(s) I want ripped: Super Puyo Puyo - Bayoen!
Length: 1 second
Style: Stereo
Looped: No
Space Friendly?: Yes, if this is possible!
Other Comments: Custom Nintendo Presents sound, anyone?
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Once again: thank you very much, Daizo.
I can't wait to【cool vibrations】.
Thanks for fulfilling my request! And just like Matheus2653, I'm gonna use it right away.

Sample: Konami Logo Sound
Style: Mono
Looped: No
Space Friendly: Yes
Other Comments: The use is for a Nintendo presents sound.

Thanks, dude.

Question, what is the code sequence to use it with the vanilla flute SFX?

I mean, changing the notes to make it vanilla.

#0 q7f t20 w255 v200 @30 y10
o3 c1

...or is the sample globally compatible?

Have a frost day~
Puyo Maguro World Creator
Batch 2
I'm starting to realize how silly and confusing the "Space Friendly" tag is. Note to Blizzard: Since the note is playing the entire sample, for it to be vanilla it would have to basically be recreated using pitch bending. Plus, what you're asking for was a sfx, which isn't what this thread is for. Note to kamekku14: since the sample is mono (like bandicoot's request), I included both a mono and "pseudo stereo" version.

Anyway since C3 is about to close down, if you guys have any final requests I will do a lightning round where you guys can request however many you want at once and I'll see how much I can get done (probably will release outside of C3). Thank you all for the new brrs!

Just as a preview to how I might use these:

any resemblance of the actual files in their proper pitches won't be used

until then, we will be right back!


Originally posted by Matheus2653
Thanks for finishing my order, I will use the sample right away #smrpg{y}

Originally posted by Green Jerry
Thanks for fulfilling my request! And just like Matheus2653, I'm gonna use it right away.
Glad to hear!

Originally posted by lordkronos100
Cool Idea :D
Thank ya!
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