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qantuum's Sacred Music ports


Dear friends,

Looking at other threads showcasing hobbies like cooking, I realise I can enjoy this opportunity to share with you about a porting project I've been working about over these last months.
I'm only showcasing 6 SPCs, and I will also introduce you to what they mean to me. I guess writing about Sacred Harp falls into the "other" tag, since it's just writing and sharing something meaningful.

Before you enter the explanation phase, I want to say I'm trying to do an actual romhack featuring at least 30-40 ports. I am very long to come up with decent level design... Maybe I'll have some for winter C3. Anyhow, if you can listen to these 6 musics and emit feedback, I'll be glad. I would like to know in which kind of SMW romhack levels you could accept to hear these tracks.

6 Sacred Harp Tracks, spc

UPDATE !04 Jul.
Since we're still doing C3, I've prepared this song today: "The Good Old Way", taken from another book, the Shenandoah Harmony.
spc | submission
UPDATE !06 Jul.
I've prepared this song today: "Leicester", also taken from the Shenandoah Harmony.
spc | submission
UPDATE !08 Jul.
I've prepared this song today: "Lover"s Lamentation", also taken from the Shenandoah Harmony. OK I'm late on this one, but I guess I'll keep feeding the thread with new tracks until it's over.
spc | submission

What is Sacred Harp

Wikipedia explains it better, but what's to remember, Sacred Harp is a traditional choir singing movement that has its roots in Protestant Christianity. It collects traditional songs that you can hear in US churches. The first book was published in 1844, there is an active revision comittee that updates the book every time it's useful. What's interesting in this movement, is everyone gets to sing, and when a convention is held, no audience attends, since everyone is involved in the actual singing, everyone is active. There are a lot of convention records on youtube, just try and type "Sacred Harp".

How is Sacred Harp dear to me, @qantuum

I've met singers in a local music festival when I was living in Bremen, Germany. Since there are many churches there, the traditional singing caught interest in German people. As a French, I had trouble getting integrated with the language.
Though, this group simply accepted me on the base I kinda know how to sing, and we have met every Thursday until I've left the city. I've bought my own Sacred Harp Red Book and I stay in touch with my old friends, I've even shared to them one or two concept proofs of these song ports. Also what was great is, although we sing Protestant Tradition, our group in Bremen (including me) mostly counts atheists. So we really do not see it under a religious point of view, we just love to appreciate the art and good feelings in the songs, and singing together, as say the texts, "in a sweet accord".

The instrumentation project

It started as a joke as I became self-confident in music porting, but then I remembered I always wanted to craft video-game adaptations of the songs. Now it's just instrumentations, but if I can one day, I'll go further and do actual arrangements.

Yep, I know it's rather strange to promote ports of religious songs on a Mario website... But they're just too beautiful in my opinion!

If you want to see how the community I've met looks like, feel free to visit their website, it features all the songs of the book listed by page number, and there's even robots singing the songs. Hey that may be your next rabbit hole!
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Its very interesting seeing choral music cross over into SMW. As someone who's done choir in the past I really like what you've put together here!
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This is indeed rather interesting and the ports sound nice too. ^.=.^

Ports sound pleasant to the ear.
Fanatical like a Demon
These sound like something you'd legitimately hear at a church. Like I can imagine an organ sounding like SMW's @1 or @4. It's really amazing how you managed to make these and yet make them sound soft and well mixed in terms of volume. Really a job well done!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
I am delighted to read that sir.

So, with the courage you gave me, I've chosen another song to port, the update is in OP.

Choosing songs to port is fun because the choice is wide, but every song I look at, I ask to myself "would I see this level in a Mario level?"; some of them are too slow, some others are not nice for looping, some others may sound too solemn, etc.
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I now only pray to the Church of SMW Central. Thank you for converting me thanks to your ports, my friend. :)

No, but seriously, the ports are pretty good. Great work! :)
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Thanks man!

It's still very niche what I do, but at least I have fun working nice songs. I hope they get used at some point, still haha :)

OK I just updated OP with a new song.

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