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Hey I finished one whole tileset for C3

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Echoing what everyone else has said about the unique idea and the versatility. The rocky cliffs deserve more recognition, they look really good!
Oh wow, this looks amazing! I'm such a fan of the bridges tbh
The veggies have nice variations, Teyla. Good tileset!
I like that it fits right in with SMW's style and it has all the essentials to build whatever mountain level you want with, plus vegetables. I am of the opinion that the spotted radish looks fine as is, and I am not sure about the solid blue - have you previewed zigzag, wavy, or diagonal stripes on it? I love the big veiny leaves, stems, and the root ends. Those pieces seem open to interpretation on usage (stem & root = climbable or not; leaf clusters = priority-enabled platform or strictly decorative.) The bridge stuff is neat and the ropes have a lot of character with the slack and knots.

Everything has slopes too! Does only the bridge have normal slopes?

If you are looking for any suggestions, I would add some rocks or tall grass to round out some of your available tiles after the consideration of slope variety.

Just look above you...
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This is really high quality!

The clouds are a bit less fluffy than I'd expect (then again I've never seen clouds from up close, so), but in general, things are looking lovely. I like how organic that rope looks!

Hey, that tileset looks really cool, Teyla! I just might use it in the cliff world (world 6) of my upcoming hack.

Excellent work there.
This is rad! I like the athletic SMW vibe, feels like it'd be part of the vanilla game. Great work!
This tileset is really cute! I feel like it gives off a fresh take on SMW tiles, especially with how some of those strange radish shapes look!

Echoing what others have said in that the texturing looks really good, although it does slightly clash with the radish in that regard. It's nothing big though.
The tileset looks incredible especially the clouds

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Wow you've done a excellent work on then, gonna give a try on then for sure #smrpg{:D}
Just some Ys fan lol
Kirbo says: this tileset is really good, POYO!
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
I've always looked up to your tilesets. They're some of my favorites on the site and this one's no different!
Awesome tileset you have here Teyla. One thing that I always appreciate from your work is that is very versatile and it can be used for a lot of different environments. The rocky cliffs remind me of your other work, and are really well-made.
Teyla, you make really cool tilesets and this one is no exception. Keep up the good work! #smw{:TUP:}
I'm a huge sucker for tilesets with bridges and ropes in them lol, man I really like these; the rocky grass part is also really really cool 👀
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Really good tileset you got there!

I really like the detailed patterns in the rocks, although i think the flat edges in the floating piece of land in the first screenshot looks a bit weird in contrast to how detailed the interior is.

But i gotta say, the best part of this tileset has to be the bridges and ropes! They're so detailed and look really good!
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Thanks for the kind words everyone! I decided to procrastinate on packing up more stuff for my move to instead finish up the tileset lol.

I've submitted it to the section here.

And Here is a download in case it gets rejected. I'll update the OP with it too.

Here's some updated screenshots.

For me, the bomb may someday take to the level!

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loving the tileset 1000x more. you're a great artist, tyty 🍒
I remember seeing a screenshot of those beets awhile back.
I really quite like how different the tileset is as a whole as it has a certain flair to it that makes it not feel generic at all.

Maybe people can use that funky Beet Sprite with these Beet-themed graphics?
Anyways nice work. I can imagine with how easily they can be edited in terms of palettes we will see them used in hacks in various ways.

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