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Results Starting to Come in! The Strongest Sprite Workshop!


Hey yall and welcome to the most powerful sprite workshop of all time! This year, me and Eminus of Team Välfärd and Team Red Yoshi fame are teaming up to bring your dreams to life! Well, assuming that you dream of custom sprites of reasonable size

The rules for this thread are simple: you request sprites, and we make them! Eminus will be drawing the sprites and I'll be coding them. We're free spirits so we don't really wanna put any hard restrictions on what requests you can submit, but the caveat of this is that we maintain the right to deny any request we find unreasonable. A sprite on the level of a koopa? Perfectly fine! A sprite on the level of a goomba? Kosher AF. A custom boss? Sorry kid, you're banned.

Anyway, feel free to push your luck with your requests. If we think it's slightly too much work we might ask if it's ok to tone down a little bit while maintaining the spirit of the idea. We aim to please and our accuracy is on point, it is the year of 2020 after all.

Keep it clean folks and happy C3!

Works in progress:

Mario Maker 2 Mechakoopas

Silius Shooter

Para Thwomp

Grinder Bridge

SMB2(J) Hammer Bro

Flying Rope



allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
If you want the strongest sprite just do a Cirno. lol
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
I have something relatively simple, but you may make it super customizable.

What about these enemies from Journey to Silius? (the sphere that shoots around itself) You can have some customization like forward, backward, upward, downward, diagonal, follow player, phanto mode, line guided, etc. modes with it so it's very versatile. Thank you!
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

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I have to request that I wanted a long time ago. Do you know the parachute Thwomps from Mario Maker? This would be a good sprite though.
How about something like this for PIXI?
I would love to see some mechakoopas from Mario Maker 2. Mainly the variants that shoots missiles and laser beams.


An environmental dripping sprite/generator using some of the splash, dust, or sparkle particles on the 1st gfx page. After forming, the particle drops to the ground and terminates when it hits, making a variable sound effect.

Other Submissions of mine!
The Buzz Bomber, one of the badniks from the Sonic games. They float horizontally above the player, they then stop, and shoot a projectile that moves downwards diagonally. They fly away then turn back, doing the "fly-stop-throw-fly-turn cycle" again.

Here's a .zip with graphics (from 8-bit Sonic 1) and a palette.

Got Ninja'd by Anorakun and Deeke!

EDIT: The sprite sheet I used to rip the graphics:

Boo Blah from Yoshi's Island
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

A spiky line-guided platform.
Should also come up with its stretched version (if it's worth the trouble).
A vanilla mushroom scale but with the ability to customize the map16 tile it draws
Do you think y'all could make spiked Charging Chucks?
Chucks that are heavier, stronger, harder to kill and slower in speed?

You don't have to make variants of the Chuck if you don't want to.
Please let me know if this is too much.
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by: (🔞 Warning)
How about a set of grinders that act like collapsing turn block bridges?
Request Name: Super Mario Maker 2 - Blasta and Zappa Mechakoopa
Type: Sprite
Tool: PIXI

Download GFX
Description: A red Mechakoopa that fires homing Bullet Bills (The sprite shot can be this) and a blue Mechakoopa that fires an electric lazer, they can stand on ledges. I've touched and recolored the sprites a bit so it becomes vanilla palette and vanilla frame limit friendly. The winding key isn't included in the shown sprites because it's intended to know that the graphics are still gonna be placed like a normal Mechakoopa.

Additional Optional: Boomba Mechakoopa, a yellow Mechakoopa that chases Mario on a faster speed and jump stomping the ground, it will spin its eyes and then blow up like a Bob-Omb after a certain chase time or when it's about to reactivate after being stomped. It doesn't stand on ledges

I think this is at Mecha-Koopa level, maybe you can do it?

I've always wanted enemies variations by colors.

Look, I've even saved you time by drawing the tilesets by myself!

Have a frost day~
A carryable lightsaber-like sprite that can reflect various sprites/projectiles to kill stuffs.
Can you please do a Very Goonie (Winged Bowling Goonie) from Yoshi’s island SMW2

it's a fat winged Goonie that bounces high up and lands to the ground just like the green papakoopa, but slowly. These big fat birds can be ride on top like the Mega Mole. However, Yoshi is allowed to eat the big flying enemy. This sprite is based on smkdan's Bowling Goonie, except when the extra bit is set.


This one is a bit obscure, but how about this: Konotako from Wario Land. It's a flying bomb that moves similar to the Amazing Flying Hammer Brother's platform and will stick to the player upon contact from anywhere other than above and explodes after a bit. Jumping on it will defeat it.
Footage of it in action can be seen here.
Don't eat the sandwich

Already requested this in the ASM request thread, but might as well put this here as well.

Originally posted by NoMoreStars
Name: NSMBU Goombrat
Type: Sprite
Description: Similar to the squishable SMB3 Goomba but avoids walking off of ledges like a Red Koopa Troopa.

Here's some graphics I whipped up real quick based on the beta SMW Goomba sprite. Feel free to edit/use them or use different graphics.

I support the Mechakoopa requests above, as I do like to see them made for SMW myself.

Anyways my request is a bit more...humble because here, you don't really need to draw new frames for what I'm about to suggest but use the existing one from SMB3 and the default tilemap that was used in Romi's Spritetool for such.

Could you make a variant of mikeyk's SMB3 Hammer Brother that behaves more like SMB2J's Hammer Brother in which they chase you as soon as you come on screen and jump when there is a solid collision in its path in which you can define the Acts-like setting for it to jump. Extra Bit set should be running regardless of changed direction based on player's position (basically chasing you down) whereas default (extra bit not set) should only be running based on when it comes into the player on-screen and not run (acts like a regular Hammer Bro.) when it changes direction on player's position. Typically they move left since Mario's levels generally are designed for Mario to go rightward to the goal.

The sprite should be made in Romi's Spritetool v.1.41 as I am using that for Ordeal and my other works, but I don't mind this request also be made in PIXI being the current standard. I just want it in Romi's being an option.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

(spoiler: I tried to code this boss, but... meh.)

Well, I have a fairly simple request: SMW Horizontal Wooden Spikes. Even if you just provide me the hitbox routine, I would be very grateful!

Dream team (feed them, please):