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Results Starting to Come in! The Strongest Sprite Workshop!


Fanatical like a Demon
A Squawks sprite that works with the dark room (HDMA windowing).
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
I could think of a number of things, but I'll let you choose.

1) A 16-bit version of an enemy introduced in a modern Mario game.
2) One or more of the platform or other non-enemy sprites from New Super Mario Bros., such as the rotating red shapes, tilting mushrooms, swinging poles (and ropes and vines), water and sand spouts, rotating blocks, floating water bubbles, seesaw platforms, and the bone coaster.
3) One or more of the Yoshi's Island sprites that haven't been made, such as the Stilt Guys, Bandits, Baseball Boys, pushable pots, weight-activated rotating platforms, and the yellow and red Bullet Bill shooters.
4) A better line-guided sprite base, one that actually uses a sensible routine for setting speed. SMW's one is very inflexible, not to mention abstruse.
5) A platform that can tilt at any angle, or at least a specified one.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
For My Hack I Am In Need Of Koopalings And Bowser Except Iggy And Wendy

Gfx Link¶m=02&c=1&id=32640
That's a lot of replies whoa

Eminus help

allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
I would request something like that Koopa Komodore thing you showed for your hack, but my version shoots fire that spreads vertically.
Unsure how difficult this would be but could you do bopping toady from Super Mario Land 2? They can be found in tree zone level 1. My understanding of their behaviour is that they hop around a 2 block radius centered on where they spawn, if Mario is in detection range they will shoot their tongue out at him.

Here's his GFX.
Worth a shot. My request?

- A 48x32 tall giant Koopa (like in NSMBU). Shell is 32x32.

- Can be green, blue, red or yellow. Make note of the behaviors of each colored Koopa from the vanilla ones

- The respective Koopa (shell), when put in Yoshi's mouth, will give the necessary ability, like the vanilla Koopas

- If extra bit is 3, the Koopa will hop with wings like a Para-Troopa

- With extra bytes, the shell alone can be placed Scratch that, see KevinM's disassembly

- If you're much stronger as you say, make Yoshi spit out 32x32 extended fireballs, fly as long as the user wants, or make 32x32 extended stomps that kills enemies outright depending on the color of the Koopa

- If defined in the ASM file, the yellow giant Koopa can turn into a rainbow shell when it's stomped and shakes. Of course, with the extra byte, this can be placed alone in the level Scratch that, just follow KevinM's disassembly for that

- Edit 3: The giant Koopas and shells take a defined number of hits with fireballs

- The shells can break any defined Map16 tiles (like turn blocks) at once without deflecting back

- Edit: Possibly giant Beach Koopas that can get in the giant shells? The blue ones can be defined to slide on slopes and kick giant and normal shells alike (and other sprites that can be kicked by normal ones), and movement-wise, same behavior as the vanilla Beach Koopas

- If the giant Koopas are defined in the .asm file, then once jumped on, the giant Beach Koopas come out of their shells

If the last two points are too much for you, you may leave them out. Those are just additional suggestions.

Edit 2: To save you some time for this sprite, use these two disassemblies. You're welcome in advance!

That's all! Good luck!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

I have a request for a YI enemy...would you consider making a Grim Leecher, please? I'm looking for it to have the following properties, just to make it a little different than the YI one:

-hovers in the air, but flies toward Mario when Mario is close enough
-doesn't hurt Mario, but instead when it touches Mario, it hovers a block above his head (taking his size into consideration), flashing between its two frames, and moving with him, reversing his left and right controls but automatically letting go of Mario a few moments after reversing his controls (at this point, if Mario's controls were reversed, his controls should go back to normal)
-should be immune to everything except a Starman, which should outright kill it without having it mess Mario up if he touched it while having a Starman
-should be edible with Yoshi

Also, what's the deal with making more than one request (since I noticed imamelia gave you a few suggestions)? If anyone does that, would you ultimately choose which one to do (if any of them are reasonable enough)? I'm rather curious (there's another suggestion I have in mind, though I'm not gonna mention it without hearing some feedback here first).
My request I think its a bit simple.
A variant of the lineguided rope that moves on its own like the brown platform.
It would be cool if we could customize the speed and palete too, but its not necessary if its too hard.
Check out my profile to see a list of SMW Hacks I made and where to find the latest and best version of them.
Thanks for playing and have fun!
Clique no meu perfil para encontrar a lista de minhas hacks feitas até o momento.
Originally posted by Von Fahrenheit
That's a lot of replies whoa

Eminus help

cranks open caffeine can it's showtime....

Originally posted by Knight of Time
Also, what's the deal with making more than one request (since I noticed imamelia gave you a few suggestions)? If anyone does that, would you ultimately choose which one to do (if any of them are reasonable enough)? I'm rather curious (there's another suggestion I have in mind, though I'm not gonna mention it without hearing some feedback here first).

It's fine if you list more than one idea, we'll end up picking what we think is the most inspiring/coolest one! It's preferable if they can all be explained concisely, much like imamelia has done

It's too kind of you guys to provide graphics rips, it makes less work for me! Rest assured, I'll still give my own spin to them! Especially the 8-bit stuff.
But yeah, know that it's ok if you don't have graphics to bring along with your request. I'll draw stuff from the ground up
I've been wanting to see a Sprite similar to the punching gloves in Noki Bay. You'd place them in an enterable pipe, and whenever Mario would try to enter it, it would punch him away and stun him until he stops moving.

Either that or a Sawflower. It would come out of a ? block, and after being onscreen for about 3 seconds, the saw would fall off the stem and chase Mario like a Disco Shell.
I remember: it was a Komposite koopa.
An upside down buzzy beetle that acts like it should (same behavior as seen in smb3, uses vanilla gfx)
Would you be interested in making Poochy from YI?
Super Mario Sunshine bloopers. They walk around on land, or remain still, and spit ink at you if you get close. Alternatively, they could be placed on ceilings.
Originally posted by Darkbloom
Would you be interested in making Poochy from YI?

lol, that was gonna be my second possible suggestion. But to be fair, you beat me to it, so I guess we'll have to see if we both get lucky.
A spring that follows mario like phanto
Maybe a revised Metool from the Mega Man series? There's one in the sprites list but it shoots only one shot instead of 3, and then moves to Mario's position. I'm thinking more the kinds of Mets that stay stationary or so.

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
A request to make Lady Bow and Goombella from the paper mario series.

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!