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Hi! Just wanted to release some resources that I created for my hack (which you can see and download here if you didn't spot it before) that I think they can be useful for other people:

Collectable ON/OFF block

This ON/OFF blocks can be collected and will disappear leaving only a little spark behind them.


One-use Note Blocks

This note block can only be used one time before breaking.


Finally, I have some sprites to share:

Brave Bony Beetle

This Bony Beetle is a lot harder than the normal one: it generates spikes whenever Mario is near him, it follows Mario and, finally, its stun period is a lot shorter than the normal one. It's been coded from scratch, is not based on the disassembly.


Hot-Lipped Blargg

A dangerous Blargg that spits fire. Based upon original dissasembly by yoshicookiezeus. Graphics made by Wuffalo.


Bowser Fire

A fire that jumps. Mario can't jump nor spinjump on him without taking damage. You can customize the height of the jump from the asm file. That's about it.

Interesting stuff, it could definitely be used for some clever (and evil) setups. I don't know why I find the Blargg's kiss so hilarious but I love it.
Great stuff, I see a lot of potential for interesting set ups in levels.
>Mark danced crazy!
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Those are some neat ideas, definitely useful!
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

These are super cool, I especially love the single-use note block, it seems super versatile!

Guess it's time to continue working on my real hack now that all these cool things are out
I'm scared to know how these single use blocks are gonna play out, I really, REALLY don't want to know what a creative level designer does with that. Anyways, this is some good quality stuff!
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
I must say that the collectable on off blocks are brilliant. They remind me of the skull mine cart level in DKC2 SNES where you have those green and red barrels.

but the fire flames, can't you spin jump off of those in the original game? If so then I would keep that consistent with a custom version.
in love with that blarrg, definitely gonna use him in my hack. he's so modest...

rest are pretty cool, too!
some neat releases you have here. thumbsup!

As always, Darolac, you come with interesting resources that, albeit simple in their way, have a lot of potential to be used in the most interesting setups. Refined, simple resources like these are the best in the hands of good designers. Good work as always! I particularly liked the idea of the Bony Beetle and the Blargg, personally speaking.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Very nice sprites. My favorite one is the Blaargh. I find so hilarious they way he spits fire. Also, the note block that breaks would be perfect for kaizo hacks. This bony beetle also is very nasty, I love it. #smrpg{sick}
These are some interesting sprites. I can see some crazy setups being made with that collectable On/Off Block.
I think my favourite is the bowser fire however, it's a simple but dangerous sprite that I can definetly see myself using in the future.
// Layout by Maxo
Like everyone else I absolutely love the Blargg. I bet using that alongside the Bowser fire could make for some very tricky setups.
The Hot-Lipped Blarrg is very cool. Are the fireballs extended or something? If it is, then that's much cooler. The Brave Bony Bettle is cool as well. Gives some variety to the existing bony sprites.
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Originally posted by AnasMario130
The Hot-Lipped Blarrg is very cool. Are the fireballs extended or something? If it is, then that's much cooler. The Brave Bony Bettle is cool as well. Gives some variety to the existing bony sprites.

Yep, those are custom extended sprites.

Thanks for the nice words, everyone #tb{:]}
Those 2 sprites sure look amazing, Darolac.
These look really fun and creative. Blargg has gotta be my favourite - he looks dangerous for sure!

The note block would probably be cooler if it displayed the bounce sprite and then shattered, because right now it feels like it could just be a reskinned fragile block. Like, I'm not entirely sure how you'd go about achieving that but it's an idea to look at, maybe? Regardless, it seems like a cool idea.

Nice work on these! I'll try and find a use for some of them in my own project I think!
As for the blocks, the note block one does look useful.
I remember I requested such breaking note-blocks in one of Erik's asm request threads. I understand nothing of asm and what the difference between your and his code is, but I greatly approve that you did that too. Despite this one I think the Blargg is my favorite. While the original Blarggs are barely a thread, this one is way more dangerous. Well the spitted fire is dangerous to be more precisely, but it's still a cool idea and I think it has some cool kaizo potential too.
Good job with this Darolac! #smw{:peace:}

SpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots