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These are cool sprites and blocks , especially hot-lipped blargg.
Originally posted by Tahixham
These look really fun and creative. Blargg has gotta be my favourite - he looks dangerous for sure!

The note block would probably be cooler if it displayed the bounce sprite and then shattered, because right now it feels like it could just be a reskinned fragile block. Like, I'm not entirely sure how you'd go about achieving that but it's an idea to look at, maybe? Regardless, it seems like a cool idea.

Nice work on these! I'll try and find a use for some of them in my own project I think!

I already tried but given that I made those for my hack I didn't really think of including the bounce block since that brough me a ton of problems with the sprite I used to spawn/despawn the blocks (that "vine" of the first level). In any case, thanks for your words #tb{:]}
I really like the new spin on the blarrg.
It always bothered me that the vanilla smw version is pretty much harmless.
This (after turning down the amount of fireballs #tb{;)}) should do the trick.
Thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
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these look like they could be used in some kazio setups heck I might even use some of these myself.
Wow, Weird.
Great sprites!
The Bony Bettle and the Blarrg are my fav.
The blocks look useful, too.
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
The bony beetle is amazing, kind of feels like an "elite" version of the vanilla one. Same could be said about the Blarrg.

Good job! #smrpg{y}
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This collection is just absolutely lovely.

The collectable on/offs and Blargg is my favorite out of all of these! I think using a Blargg like that could certainly make a level more interesting in those hot and fiery levels. ^.=.^

Amazing sprites really live the purple blaargh that shoots 3 fire balls

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I love your Blarrg. It's so good, such a simple change to make a whole new challenge unique from any stock sprite. Yet another quality contribution.

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The Sprites and blocks look really cool #smw{:peace:}

Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
The fire-breathing Blargg and "brave" Bony Beetle are amazing! The former would come as a shock and has long range, giving it some much-needed danger and not just a psychotic-looking dino face, and the latter is actively aggressive - both refreshing spins on old SMW friends.

I do like the functionality of the fragile note block too since you only get one chance to pull something off and then that's it: there are many contexts that would be great in, particularly later game or in hiding secrets. Can it also be revealed from hidden like normal note and coin blocks?

Wonderful stuff. Great job!

Just look above you...
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Nice work as always, Darolac! Sprite threads are always my favorites in C3. Every new sprite made opens up a lot of new design possibilities, so know your work is very much appreciated. I especially love SMW-themed ones 👀

I'm not a big fan of the shattering graphic of the one-time note block, I feel like a smoke sprite would fit better. A bounce sprite too but it seems like someone else already commented on this. A rather minor nitpick though - doesn't make it any less useful!
The Blargg is really interesting, is it using the entire Blargg sprite that wuffalo made or just a portion of it?
Man, I was just telling some buddies about how every blarrg sprite blows and we need new cool ones. This one is super cool man. The blocks are real handy dandy and unique too! Nice work man.
Wow, that Blaarg and the Bony Beetle loot like things I'd totally use and spam everywhere if I were still hacking, especially since they don't require new GFX. Good thing I don't hack anymore, right?
Thats Are Some Nice Addtions some of Them i Could Already See in Action Ha ha as for the Hot Lipped Blarg im Courios how to Use them Well in Hacks its Defenitely seems Dificoult to Avoid his Attack :D
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Really great stuff you've done, great work!
Just some Ys fan lol
I definitively have noticed the collectable On/Off blocks and single user Note Blocks from Of Jumps and Platforms. Definitively blocks for tight plaforming. Hot-Lipped Blargg, on the other hand, gets pretty dangerous in the wrong hands but definitively would make interesting levels. Brave Bony Beetle... I'll have to see that one in action and Bowser Fire is a simple hazard, nothing else.
Blarrgs are my favourite sprite but almost completely useless. You've made a way cooler one. Thank you!
Can't wait to see that Blargg Sprite become overused. #smrpg{argh}
I really want to see more Blargg Variations now. (64x64 Blargg yes?)

The Blocks look like they can be used in a lot of creative ways so this is some really solid stuff man.

SpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots