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Great stuff as usual Darolac!
You always come up with some of the best ideas out of such simple modifications of vanilla resources!

I recognize those On/Off Blocks and Note Blocks from your hack "Of Jumps and Platforms", and to be honest, they're such a good idea i can't help but wonder how did we need to wait until 2020 to have them become a thing!

Also, those sprites are really good twists on vanilla sprites! Both the Blaarg and the Bony Beetle make for an excellent added danger that their vanilla counterparts really needed!
I can see a lot of interesting and challenging levels coming out of these two!

That Bowser Fire is also a pretty cool hazard, and i like that it hurts Mario even when spin jumping, since spin jump in general is a very powerful ability that allows players to skip through a lot of hazards. Although i do see a problem in communicating that to the player, since these sprites are identical to the vanilla Bowser Fire, which can be spin jumped on.
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This is some nice stuff i like the only once noteblocks it would be fun to use them in some challenging levels or in troll hacks in definetly gonna be using some of this
This is my non existent layout I plan on adding one soon.. or never

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these are some great sprites.
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Nice selection here, overall! My favorite is the fireball-spitting Blargg, although it might be tricky to use well in a level. It needs to be a slow level, otherwise the player will probably be bast the Blargg before it can even spit the fireballs. It definitely makes sense for a Blargg to spit fire, though.
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I like the ON/OFF and note block idea.

I'm not sure about the stun period of the Brave Bony Bettle, but I guess that makes it work as a constant threat to keep the player focused.

also holy shit that twist on the blargg is cool

tl;dr everything gets my aprovation #smrpg{y}

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The sprites fit in well with the blocks!

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
The hot lipped blargg reminds me of the old blargg boss that used to exist. But this version is better. If this could be made into the blargg boss somehow (spinjump on it to get a hit, 3 hits and its dead sorta thing) that'd be pretty neat. Everything else seems cool too :D
They're all neat!

SpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots