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A trip full of fun 1&2 + Gfx pack release! Now with screenshots!

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i come to you this c3, to showoff my stuff!
first of all...

probably the final update to a trip full of fun 1!

I know, i know but this should be the last time i do this


a trip full of fun 2! (aka a second trip full of fun)
yes, im releasing a bug filled prototype of this hack, this hack is similar to hacks like
-nsmb snes by ralshi02
-codfish's luigi hack (i forgot the name sorry)
-toad's adventure

we need help!
how can you help? simply, click the link in my title, and once you click it, tell me (or anyone connected in the server) what can you do for the hack.

free spots?

level designers 0/1
gfx rippers 1/?
ASMers 0/?
people that can port music 0/?

Screenies of a trip full of fun 2!

Im going to release some gfx i did on VERY early development as well, cuz why not


This pack includes:

-3 different bowser recolors!
-Reshaded Boom Boom!
-Reshaded Sumo Bros, Hammer, Sledge, And Boomerang Bros!
-Reshaded Koopalings
-Bullet Bills!
-I think something else (but i forgot)

SCREENSHOTS (sorry if the colors look a bit off, that's snipping tool's fault, not mine)

and the hack links?

a trip full of fun 1

a trip full of fun 2

ignore graphical clash on a trip full of fun 2, as the hack is a prototype, but feel free to report thoughs on the gfx, and bugs on the 11th update on a trip full of fun 1!
pallete files for my gfx pack:
koopalings= koopalings.pal
anything that looks wrong= mas cosas miscelaneas.pal

Don't steal graphics from a trip full of fun 2 or you will feel my wrath
Hey Dark Prince! I think your thread is a little bit confusing.
The varying letter sizes and the lack of screenshots didn't really help. I suggest maybe taking some time to estructure against your post so it's a bit more clear what you are releasing here.
thanks! :3 the second one is more focused to show bg-fg graphics, and the level design by theirselves more than EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in the hack, i hope the paths are completely functional on the first game though
lets goooooo trip full of fun 2
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
It looks interesting,I will try it.
Still thinking on a description...
Seeing all the NSMB Graphics really takes me back to when I first started hacking SMW and they were found in a lot of hacks. It was mainly the "Redrawn Graphics" that were used but anyways...

I am sure people will find these graphics you have released as some handy resources that they can use in their projects. #smrpg{y}

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldDemoFull Hack ReleaseResource Release