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DDR + Stepmania Fingers - Yuzu4K Hard Scores


Hello everyone.

Before reading this but this thread was really boring to handwrite, English is bad, Early Beta Stages and Made in 3-4 hours.

I'm making this Thread but is not related to SMW Romhacking, Not for Music Porting and SNES Stuff. Also Includes the Rhythm Games

Now Have been played Stepmania / DDR or Playing Ettena (is a Keyboard Rhythm Game) ?

Back in 2015, I watched Trihex streams playing Stepmania on SNES Controller and looks spectacular, But Plays Harder.
I watched happyfeetz and he is playing Pump It Up XX (Similar to DDR) but it plays 15-20 feet levels. it was very hard to see because i was newbie. Also I discovered that Soundtrack was Insane.
Since last April 19 2014 I started playing Stepmania for the first time. We played Shovel Knight and DDR Ultramix 3 for training and setting up of course.

I already installed some Stepmania Themes because it was cool.
The theme was Cyberia Style 6 (don't worry, the image was big)

So i don't want to install Stepmania 5 because GPU issues and doesn't work at all. and Cyberia Style 9 is only for SM5.
And i don't owned mt DDR Pads so i just keeping playing on my Keyboard

Already installed 5K songs on my library of the following categories and was downloaded from Zenius Vanisher Simfile Site. becasue I'm so hyped to play or training hard.

So before to start my Scores, Let's talk about Grades. but not accurate

AAA= Perfect (100%)
A+ = Great (94%-99%)
A- = Good (85%-93%)
B = Okay (71%-84%)
C = Bad (63%-70%)
D = Imperfect (-40%-62%)

Wonderful = Good Timing
Great = Early-Late Timing
Good = Too early-late Timing
Bad = Terrible Timing
Poor = Untouched
OK = Good Holds

MAX Combo Counter = How many Key or Pad was pressing many times. However Combos stops when the key is pressed with terrible timming or Too early-late Timing.

FULL COMBO = All Counter Timings is accurate

Well we start with my Scoreboard points.
I have really enjoyed this game because DDR was owned by Konami As now part of BEMANI. Some tracks Rocks my brain on playing it and the Culture of Rhythm Gaming now fits to Arcade Gaming on Japan.
I'm playing with my fingers and training so hard and It was playing for 2 months.

*The honor of Konami of the 20th Anniversary of Dance Dance Revolutution in 2019 was released on Golden / non-Gold Cabs, Now features New Legend Licensing Songs and More Songs.

I dont have commentary about this song because judging this song is very difficult. Let me know on the comments

Well i see, Enjoy!

My Personal Scores
was brought to Stepmania

Song: Love kira splash (from DDR A20)
Artist: BEMANI Sound Team "Sota F" feat. Ichika
YT Link

Song: Dialga's Fight to the Finish
OST: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
YT Link

Song: Rubberneckin (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Artist: Elvis Presley
YT Link

Song: Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
Artist: Technotronic
YT Link

Song: Golden Sky
Artist: Smile.Dk
YT Link

Song: Y.E.U. (IDM Ver.)
Artist: MIN
YT Link

Song: Happy
Artist: ‎Pharrell Williams‎
No Link due Copyright. You can listen to ‎Despicable Me 2 or YouTube maybe get ADS.

Artist: Sakuzyo
YT Link

Song: In the Breeze
Artist: 96 & Sota ft. Mayumi Morinaga
YT Link

Song: Theory of Eternity
Artist: TAG
YT Link

More screenshots posted Later. Last day of C3
This capture was taken on July 1

Questions or Discuss about regrading Rhythm Games?
Let me in comments
I enjoy Rhythm games myself and haven't touched DDR/Stepmania in a long while... nice job on the scores btw! It takes accurate timing and patience to hit to hold chains and keep long consistent combos.
mfw I recognized most of the songs thanks to osu!

Playing rhythm games is fun as long as you enjoy it, but I have to admit it can be really easy to get frustrated at them. Glad you're enjoying it at least, I barely play osu! nowadays and never get along to DDR/Stepmania gameplay.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Yes, it's fun to play Stepmania and other Rhythm games, I have played Beatmania 1st or 2nd on MAME for months ago and i'm still confused is not DDR and Training Keys

I have played some Android games but i really don't like Balls because I wanted to play DDR for all time.

More Screenshots from the Current Stepmania Game but Now Fits to 1080p Screens, I Screenshot to 640x480 ingame

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

Lightning Shower - TAG
Lightning Over The "Period" - TAG underground overlay

July - Smiley (ITG Rare Stuff)




Sounds of Summer - Hommarju

Too Many Screenshots?
Taken about 300+ but this theard is way too long. I would post on Folders LOL
Glad you're having fun with this game! I'm definitely not a rhythm game person much anymore, but still happy to see people who are enthusiastic about the genre. :)
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