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Major Flare's Newest Shenanigans - some OW design, announcements, bosses and... MUSIC!

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! In this lovely C3, me, your good old pal Major Flare is coming here with novelties, some OW art (minor, I plan to show more of my work if I can...) and two major things: first, I have two bosses I am releasing for you to use: SMW-inspired Iggy and Wendy. Next, and I think is somewhat a surprise for some that know me: We have, this C3... MUSIC. Yes, I learned to port! (Very simple music, but hey, we have to start from something)

Also, I have an announcement: I plan to write detailed documents concerning Lunar Magic and, mainly, the OW Editor, with the same formatting you saw in the ASM Workshop 2019 compilation (including easy access to sections). Hopefully, next C3 I'll have something substantial to show you guys #smrpg{y}

Submap Art

Now, for resources and OW art. First, after some months of doing nothing related... I decided to draw a submap in, like, 2 hours. It came to this:

Initial state

All events revealed (heavy 6x6 event work!)

Hopefully, in these 3 days I will have more submaps to show you guys. The next ones, if I ever design them, will be open for you people to use! (Just credit me, pls)


Now, for the bosses galore. I have two bosses I'm releasing to you, basing on the Koopalings. I present Iggy and Wendy!

This Iggy is the third I code (the others had somewhat stranger behaviors...). He is a very simple boss: He walks and shoots magic... or several fireballs at once. His wand color determines the attack. When hit, it will retract to his shell and follow you or, if with low HP, will jump randomly. Showtime!

Next, Wendy. This one is more... refined, and is more difficult than Iggy (quite). First thing: she has more HP than Iggy (double). Second: she can retract into pipes when hit. Her attacks include: the donut projectiles from SMB3... and her pipe combos: a humongous fire spit and her kamikaze spiky ball bombing (come of these balls are heavy enough to stun you!). Her death motions are the most creative thing I could come with in a sprite (that's it, I am doomed in this department). Video Time!

The bosses are inside my C3 pack. The link will be at the end of this post, so use them well!


Finally, the super novelties of mine... MUSIC! After several years trying and practically giving up several times, I managed to port! We already have, in SMWC, four ports of mine (thanks a lot, Teows, Hazel, Pinci and several dudes that helped me!). Now, for this C3, I will release here, before submitting of course, three more ports, all of them from Zelda: Oracle of Seasons:

1 - Level 2: Snake's Remains (unsampled)
2 - Level 5: Unicorn Cave (sampled)
3 - Level 8: Sword and Shield Maze (sampled, and it is pretty accurate).

You can hear the SPCs here. The .txts are in the pack in the link below.


Dream team (feed them, please):

These are some nice bosses you have got, Iggycellent
Just some Ys fan lol
are the bosses compatible with sa-1?
those are pretty cool!
That's some incredible bosses over there. Excellent work with them, Major. Also, I'm really happy that you're bringing more music from the Zelda Oracles games.#smrpg{y}

Originally posted by Dark Prince
are the bosses compatible with sa-1?
those are pretty cool!

Yes, Dark Prince. My modus operandi dictates that all things I code are SA-1 hybrid (it is my intent, after all). Enjoy them (credit is nice at this point)!

Dream team (feed them, please):

expect your name at the credits of my hack then!
Very nice stuff you've brought, Major, these bosses are really cool #smw{:peace:}.

That submap is really cute! The blend of snow and grass works really well through the palette. You have a way with overworlds and it's always really cool seeing more of your creations.

As for the bosses, they feel strangely familiar and give me somewhat of a Brutal Mario vibe, yet they feel so much nicer and more polished. Maybe it's the music and FG/BG as well haha. Unlike Brutal Mario bosses though, these actually look reasonably playable in real-time! Thank goodness Wendy's donut projeciles despawn.

As for the ports, I'm not super familiar with Oracle of Seasons music, but these are sounding good! One suggestion I'd have is to lower the global volume a bit, as they may end up sounding too loud in-game, at least based on what I hear from the site SPC player.
Great stuff right here, Major.
I bet these bosses are going to be useful to a lot of people, including me.

It's a shame that I still use Romi Sprite Tool lol.
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
There it is. Those bosses are so freakin stunning! I personally love these kinds of bosses which are based in existing ones, and are revamped with new mechanics and stuff. As for the music, I gotta say Snake Remains stands out from the others, it sounds really crisp. Great job with everything in here.

Dudes, an addendum: I forgot to actually include the routines I adapted for my bosses (a big shoutout to Cr4zy for pointing this!). Without further ado: ROUTINES!

Dream team (feed them, please):

Is there anything you can't do?
You make sweet little OWs, you code cool and most importantly fair custom bosses and now you are releasing ports too? If we had a "best on everything" trophy for smwc's mosts I think you could be considered as a winner for that one #tb{^V^} I like how these ports turned out. It's always nice to listen to some gameboy tunes. #tb{:D}

oooh custom bosses looking interesting!
I like the overworld and level layouts as well! Keep this going.
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Custom bosses, detailed background, JRPG music...
I definitely feel Brutal vibes from this...
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Originally posted by Major Flare
two major things

You could say that these bosses have a bit of a major flare to them, huh?

Bad joke aside. These are really cool. And the fact the other boss has different HP and mechanics is really nice.

And those ports? Wow, these are good too. All that work definitely paid off. You're certainly a major of many talents, friend! Major props to you and your hard work. I am not surprised to see you excel in basically anything you do. With your abilities you'll go far! ^.=.^

On your map: as always; you're one of the best at this. I'm always very nitpicky with what I consider to be good maps, but you always nail it while never abandoning SMW's original overworld vibe which I love so much. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your map work this C3, I can't wait for some eyecandy and who knows, maybe some inspiration 👀

On your bosses: great work on both of them! There's been a lot of people requesting koopalings lately, so here you have it yo. I've always wanted a Wendy that actually uses pipes in some way, sort of how Brutal Mario did it (but better, of course), and well, there it is~ also, her death sequence is kind of hilarious lol

On your music: I question the fact you're new at this :P you put those 8-bit samples to really good use. Very pleasant unsampled port as well.
Nice work on the submap and the bosses.

It is a nice thing that you gave Wendy her SMB3 attack, I like these buoy shaped projectiles.
Good OW design and good bosses.
Cool to see you perform well in so many different aspects of SMW hacking, great job as always! I know boss coding can be frustrating so it's impressive you even made two, and they look very fair and polished.
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SpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots