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Major Flare's Newest Shenanigans - some OW design, announcements, bosses and... MUSIC!

SpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

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You are definitely doomed now.

Holy shit. I recognize you can't do anything that isn't so well made.
Hats off to the submaps as their structure are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen, hands down.
The bosses give me a Brutal Mario vibe, though I haven't seen many koopalings used this creatively. Wendy is a cool one and I like how her attacks are more concentrated and she uses pipes (faithful to how SMW did it).
Your music... are you sure you're new? I have no comments to describe the eyecandy they are.

Props to you and your hard work, man!
Those bosses are proper cool stuff. I love the range of things Wendy does, in/out pipes, shooting rings - it's like a decent expanded version of the SMW one. Iggy reminds me a bit of my Larry boss from my hack too, heh.

The ports are really nice too - you've picked up porting pretty quickly from what I've seen! Is there anything you can't do?
That is a real nice and cozy submap you've made. The bosses are cool too, especially the big variety of moves Wendy can pull off.

While chiptune isn't really my thing I'm really liking these ports. It's cool that you got such a variety of things to show off!
// Layout by Maxo
I like your take on the koopaling bosses.
Wendy especially looks like a good boss fight.
Good job#tb{:]}
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The bosses are simple but that's to be expected for a Mario game. Still, though: Having good (and general) bosses being public is always nice.
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My dude... Nice overworlds! They look so natural and well-made, like something Nintendo would do if SMW had a sequel utilizing the same style or "SMW DLC". Te bosses were really interesting, I think the Wendy one really excels at utilizing the vanilla Wendy graphics. The songs were really good as well. I think the best ones were the 8 bit sampled ones. They really did sound 8-bit rather than sampled. You especially did good on the pseudo echo!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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some people are comparing this to brutal which like i get with wendy and iggy (the whole pipe thing and magikoopa deal respectively) but i really dont want major flare to feel like he's living in the shadow of a 2007 hack cuz like these are some really good efforts for bosses regardless of what carol did.

boss coding is really fun (at least for me) and you've come up with some good encounters to battle against. makes me want to code some sometime, just need to come up with attacks. music is pretty top notch too, reminds me i need to get back to it. thanks for giving me some inspiration for coding and music i suppose ^^

i like the submap as well. looking forward for more.

Some outrageous content right there.

I'm just limited to graphics making there, so keep up the good job you there.

Have a frost day~
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Cool bosses, I especially like the Wendy Boss. Good for Kaizo
I might use that Iggy boss for Outbreak. I could see both being in some choconilla hack in the future too.
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Man those two koopaling bosses look so good :P It's nice seeing mario bosses that aren't total snorefests for a change, especially wendy looks miles more interesting now.

Also the level 2 snake port is my favorite out of the 3 👌
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great overworld, bosses and ports
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Like I commented on the Discord the work you have done with those bosses is superb and it really shows how much effort you have put into making bosses that are actually fun to fight.
I'll be looking forward to see what else you'll be making further down the line. #smrpg{y}
Both of those boss fights look very intuitive, leaving most of the difficulty to the designer of the area. Such flexible bosses are exactly what the site needs, so good job! I especially like your take on Wendy and how you've expanded SMW's original concept into a boss fight with more action.
Hey, really good stuff you got there!
That submap is simple yet beautiful. You used the palettes really well to mix the two different environments. There's a nice variety of decorations, and i love how you made the events! I think it really adds a lot to an OW when the events actually change the world around you, instead of just opening new levels.

Those are some really high quality bosses! Not too complex, yet very interesting in their execution.
I really like the way Wendy is kind of a mix between the SMW and SMB3 versions, but is also a straight upgrade from both. The variety of attacks and the way she uses the pipes in the arena really make it a very interesting and challenging boss fight!
Iggy is also pretty cool with his different attacks and the change in behavior when he gets hit!

Also, that's cool to see you're getting into porting music. Those ports sound pretty good! Great job.
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SpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldScreenshots