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BREAKING NEWS! - Random layer 3 assets and REQUESTS


I didn't really prepare anything for C3 but heres some Layer 3 effects I made a few months ago.

You'll need to disable the status bar to use these and as such I opted to overwrite the statusbar colors

Download link v1.2

Feel free to request more Layer 3 overlays.
A weird request topic, I know, but there might be some demand regardless.

Request rules:
I'll just be doing ones I feel like doing

Have a good C3! #smrpg{y}
I don't have words... this is really impressive!
Great work!
Woah, these are very cool effects! The news ticker in particular could make for some humorous level or cutscene hijinks. I can see the others making for genuinely neat level-related things as well.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
lovin the cave shadows... ive always wanted to emulate that but never got around to it. good job 🍓
okay... That's just SUPER imoressive! The quick moving wind effect is my favorite!!
This is such a great thing. The animated layer3 HDMA is so impressive. Even if these aren't many effects, the quality is astonishing. You never fail being outstanding #tb{;)}

It is incredible the things you can do with simple Layer 3 editing. These effects are rather cool. Good work here!

Dream team (feed them, please):


speed morespeed
But seriously, though, these two effects are awesome. They seem Mega Man-esque.

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No joke, this looks amazing!
If any of you showed me how it is used according to central
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This is quite incredible work you've done! Very well impressed with the layer 3 sorcery you got going here.

The cave shadows are nice!

The cave layer 3 effects are great, they look so good, definitely worth sacrificing the status bar for!
I really dig those quick-movement-effect things. They look super nice and I def need to check out how you made those and the cave shadow thing working.
// Layout by Maxo
That cave effect is something I need in my life and need to find a use for. It's so much better than just sticking some darkness HDMA on the top/bottom of the screen. Love it.
Those cave vignettes are seriously smooth. I think I can put those to good use in what's left to be done in my hack (or take inspiration from them anyway).

Great work!

The cave effects look like they almost defy the SNES's capabilities. Really good!
Fancy effects! I may used them for my hack.
I adore those cave effects, they'd be so useful in so many places! The speed-lines could be incredible for some fun Fast Autoscroll sections :P
Really cool effects!
I don't really know what to do with the news ticker, but maybe someone has a cool idea with that #tb{XD}
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These are very humorous and dope layer 3 graphics! Thanks MM! :D