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BREAKING NEWS! - Random layer 3 assets and REQUESTS


I also used to just think of layer 3 as a background which is part of the reason I like making these so much. Its pretty unexplored territory.
damn these effects are pretty good I can't describe how good they are
Originally posted by MM102

Like most of your other effects how is this on the snes?On layer 3?

They're all extremely well done! Good job!
Wow, that droplet effect is surely impressive! It's super detailed and the animation is really smooth!
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Originally posted by MM102

Nice Layer 3 graphics, man! Keep up!!
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Also, what about a more realistic mist/fog effect ?
The rain reminds me of the DKC2 honey dripping effect. Very nice.
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Great looking effects. The news ticker one is definitely the coolest to me.
These are really cool, well done!