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[UPDATE: Psycho Soldier] Hooded Edge Returns Again - A Thread of Not-So-Bad Music and an upcoming project.

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Ladies and Youkai, I have brought something to C3 this year.

- Wild Guns - Shootout ~ Boss Battle (Remix)
Player ⏯

Had a lotta fun with this one and tried to go for a rock style for this boss theme.

- Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil - An Eternity that is More Transient than Scarlet
Player #thp{:>}

My very first port I ever did on my own. I never uploaded it due to being unsatisfied with it, but no more shall I let that be. It's finally here, after making a ton of changes to it. I also just love Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil so freaking much!! #thp{>:(2}

Fun Fact: This song was gonna be an exclusive for Touhou Xtreme (Before I'd upload it sometime after the hacks release), but more on why that isn't anymore in this thread.

- Mega Man 2 - Metals of Terror ~ Boss Battle (Remix)
Player ⏯

I love Mega Man 2's music way too goddamn much. I tried to go for a synth vibe here, and there's even another reference here (as usual, coming from me).

- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Go, Go, Power Rangers! (Remix)
Player ⏯

I grew up with the MMPR show and games (despite being a 2000s), and no other opening theme song will ever compare to this (except Pokemon: Indigo League. I like it just as much as this). Did this based off the "End Bosses" theme from MMPR on the SNES (NOT THE MOVIE)

- Piano Fantasia - Song for Denise (Maxi Version)
Player ⏯

Never ask me to do anything for you ever again.

7-6-2020 Update:

- Psycho Soldier Theme (Mega Man 7 Styled Remix)
Player ⏯

Got some more time to make another remix. Never actually played Psycho Soldier before, but fell in love with the song after hearing the Smash Bros Ultimate remix that came with Terry's DLC. Also decided to do something different this time & only used MM7 samples.


And here's a sneak peak at my latest project. After cancelling my previous project Touhou Xtreme due to many issues I noticed that were too late to notice and being overambitious, I decided to take a step back and try something smaller...

Yup, another SMW hack that takes place in the world of Touhou. I started this just recently, so I don't have much to show in terms of progress (except this WIP title screen), but I have a lot of the stuff decided.

Plot: SMG4, fellow SM64 + Gmod YouTuber and the Lord of Memes (in the outside world), was in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle doing what he does best: making high quality and spicy memes, when suddenly a letter arrives. Apparently, Cirno #thp{>:)}, an ice fairy and the Lord of Memes (in Gensokyo), has challenged SMG4 to a duel, but in order to prove that he's worthy of fighting her, he has to go through five bosses because we can't have a incredibly short game, can't we. This challenge will decide who's the lord of the memes in the entire universe. Will SMG4 be triumphant over the ice fairy or will she prove that she's actually the strongest? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z! :P

It's gonna be a hard romhack with six stages (+ an extra stage) each featuring a fight against one of the many girls in Gensokyo:
- Stage 1: Spring Path (Boss: Rumia) #thp{LOL}
- Stage 2: Forest of Magic (Boss: Marisa Kirisame) #thp{^_^}
- Stage 3: Youkai Mountain (Boss: Sanae Kochiya)
- Stage 4: Castleva- *ahem* Scarlet Devil Mansion (Boss: Sakuya Izayoi) #thp{>:(3}
- Stage 5: Kappa Korporation (Boss: Nitori Kawashiro)
- Stage 6: Mist Lake (Boss: Cirno) #thp{=0}
- Stage EX: Bamboo Forest (Boss: Fujiwara No Mokou)

Yeah, you could say it's similar to Touhou Mario, and you wouldn't really be wrong, but I do hope that the end result will be enough to differentiate this from Touhou Mario.

I can't wait to show you more in the future, and I'll make sure to actually show real progress that isn't just a title screen next time. #smrpg{y}

I'm also open for some suggestions given that this I'm very early into this project.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

You have such a Silvagunner chaotic energy... i loved it!
I'm looking forward to testing your newest project since the last time I played something of yours was during a beta-testing season.
Keep it up!
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
What you're working on seems interesting to say the least. The thing that really caught my attention in this thread is the fact that we both have Richter Belmont as our avatars!

These ports have an amazing quality! Really great job on that one. I think the Touhou and the MM2 ones are my favourites. #tb{^V^}
And I'm really looking forward what you're doing for your Touhou hack. I wonder how similar to Touhou Mario it will eventually be, but I'm sure it'll end up different and enjoyable enough #tb{:D}

I always love hearing your ports; you manage to pull of heavy sampling really well, in a way that doesn't sound empty and I love it! Specifically, I'm probably biased towards the EoSD port the most since Touhou music is Touhou music, but all the other ports sound great and have that Hooded Edge charm to them as well!

As for the hack, I'm definitely curious to see what it'll look like. Touhou and all these other kinds of memes seem like an interesting combination, and on top of it, with the personal touch you'll give them.

What do you mean that EoSD is the first port you ever did...? That's really outstanding for a first port, lol
All of these ports are awesome and they have a really distinct feeling to them. Something that makes them feel really energetic.
SMWC's had a really huge influx of great porters in the past few years, and I can tell you certainly are in that bundle! Keep it up #smrpg{haha}

Also, that hack concept is... interesting to say the least. I'll be sure to check it out when you have more stuff to show. I'm all for more Touhou-related things :p
I'm here for the ports, and I really love how full they are. A really great job with all of them! #thp{=0}

I'm keeping an eye on you on that hack..........
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Yet another good thread would many good ports!

I'll have to listen to more of them after I go to bed, but the ones I did listen to were really good.

These are some amazing ports! #smrpg{gasp}
Good luck with your project
Just some Ys fan lol
Not bad? Are you kidding !? It's just perfect !!!
Gotta aim fast.
Those are so good ports!
I think the touhou one is the best, so I don't know why you didn't like the quality #tb{XD}
Did you do some changes to it?
Thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
My Youtube channel

Currently working on:
Project C

Finished project:
haha wide putin go brrrrrr

Also that hack preview? Sign me up! I wanna play! I'll play anything that looks like its going to have awesome custom bosses.
It's sad to hear that Xtreme is cancelled, but maybe the things you've learned while making it can be applied to this new hack you're working on.

Also that Mega Man 2 boss remix is sick my man.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

The page has been updated with a new port.

Otherwise, thanks for the support, everyone, and I won't disappoint you with my hack.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

A Psycho Soldier remix? That's something I did not expect. As always, thank you so much for these amazing remixes. The music started to play and automatically, the lyrics started to play in my head. Superb port. #smrpg{:3}

Terry brought so much top tier music from SNK to Smash Ultimate.

Also, good luck in your hack, it seems very promising. I'm curious to see more of it. #smrpg{y}

Oh yes, more meme songs #smw{:trollface:}
Your remixes are always good! I like it!

I'm sad you canceled your previous hack (Touhou Xtreme) it was promising :/

but this one looks good too!
I'm Flandre Scarlet!.

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