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Gamma V's Graphics Gallery - Summer 2020


I don't have much yet, just a couple expansions of sets I drew for Super Mario Outbreak.


This tileset was originally just an extension of the cave and water tilesets used in Outbreak and can be seen in a couple World 3 levels. It's largely inspired by Sonic 1's Labyrinth Zone.


This tileset was used in Mega Rex's Castle in Outbreak and is perfect for any tree fort.
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This is really nicely designed!!! i like the skewers especially since they're not done alot.
It's cool to see you are releasing tilesets again. Perhaps only 2 this time, but they are well made I'd say.
Even if it's actually nothing special, I especially like the ground structure of the 2nd one. Keep up this good work Gamma #smw{:TUP:}

Nicely done graphics as always, Gamma! I can really see the Labyrinth Zone inspiration behind the ruins tileset, and the addition of Wham Bam Rock adds a neat touch to it. I also appreciate the wood castle tileset, since it's a spin on two different themes that combine into something unique.
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I like your performance in your graphics, I support your effort in it

Given that I know your work since always, Gamma V, I must say that you are still improving to this day; I guess that the phrase "you can't teach an old dog old tricks" do not suit you in all of its interpretations. Your drawings are coming quite nice and in a variety of themes that are rarely used in the art of SMW GFX drawing. Keep it up!

Dream team (feed them, please):

Sweet art as always, Gamma! It fits right in with the style of the rest of your things. I especially quite like the wacky face block in the ruins and the patterns in general in the second tileset.
Shoutouts to the wooden skewers and hanging lights in the wood tileset.

Really, though, impressive work as usual! I don't know where we'd be without your ever-growing collection of graphics for every level theme imaginable.

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Really looking good!
Please pardon the eye.
I really enjoy the wooden tileset.
Keep it up Gamma, well done.

Also I appreciate that you often come up with GFX that do not need big palette changes, it is very practical.
Your tilesets are always flexible and have a good-looking yet simplistic style. These are no exception and I'd gladly use them in the future.

The wooden castle is especially pleasing to look at. The texture of the wood is quite nice.
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This is a very pleasing tileset. Everything fits together so nicely and would happily use something like this...whenever I decide to work on a project of some sort. Excellent work! : 3

You've got a good design, Gamma V. Perhaps I'll post some GFX of mine later. They're a few, but it shows I worked hard.
Edit: Also, can I use some of your GFX from this link? They're goind to be very useful for a certain tileset.
Really like both of these tilesets, Gamma V! I'd really like to find a use for them in a project of my own one day. Especially the treefort one, that could make for a new interesting type of level.

Lovely work as always!
Thanks, guys. I have a new tileset for you.


Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
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The tileset is great, but I'm not a fan of green crystals. Perhaps a better green might have been better, though it's useful if it's SMW compatible.
wow amazing could you show me how it was
Incredible graphics, no doubt. It's amazing how you have improved your art over time without changing your style.
Keep it up!
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