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Gamma V's Graphics Gallery - Summer 2020


Great graphics, as always Gamma V!
Your tilesets always look so good, keeping a consistent style that fits really well with SMW's aesthetics.

I'm really loving that Wood Castle with all the bushes and the Wooden Skewers! That's not a theme we see done often.
Those ruins also look pretty good with the crystals and the detailed stones.
Also loving all the decorations in that Ice cave, the blocks, crystals and snowman! The festive lights are a very cute touch too!
And last, i really like the details in the clouds on the Candy tileset! The decorative candies also look really good.
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That candy cloud set looks like a sweet dream! In all seriousness, SMWC needs more food tilesets. Wham Bam Ruins' use of the namesake's Kirby boss gives it a slight tribal touch, which I love. It could come to life more if the contrast was a little deeper. I like the use of spears instead of triangle spikes. The tree fort set looks very SMB3-like. I like the ambiguity of the leafy tiles so they can appear as tree leaves or bushes. That enormous stake would be mean on layer 2 with a smash - it reminds me of a certain spike pillar in two certain castles. The icicles in the ice cave set also look convincingly like ice. I don't feel like the Sonic Labyrinth Zone-style crystals belong in either set they're used in. Still, the work is far better than not.

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Those are some cool graphics gamma, I can already see it being used in lots of hacks already!