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Lasnzamiento de mis primeros sprites


Hola a todos hoy les traigo 3 fantasticos sprites codificados y recreados por mi espero les gusten. #smrpg{y}

Thwomp gigante

Tambien biene con graficos estilo SMB3

Link de descarga

Blooper gigante

Link de descarga

Cañon de bob-ombs tirador

Es una version mejorada.

Link de descarga
Você tem um sprite maravilhoso, Israelcv12cv.(GT is not good here, but well...)
Super Blooper, as if the regular ones didn't ruin your day in an underwater level enough. #ab{o_O} Nice Thwomp too: that's going to be fun between pitfalls. The upscaled graphics for them look smooth too.

I am surprised there was never a Bob-Omb cannon-style generator in the sprites section. It's an airship/tank level staple in SMB3. That should see some healthy usage.

Good work.

Just look above you...
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That thwomp is great! Would make for a really good big castle, honestly.
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Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
Forgive my naive curiosity but are these sprites for ROMI or PIXI?
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."

Good sprite work, dude. They are well done and I liked the bomb cannon.

Buen trabajo con tus sprites, hombre. Son bien hechos y a mi me gustó el cañon de bombas.

Dream team (feed them, please):

if they are for PIXI I hope you enjoy them#smrpg{y}
I don't speak portuguese but thankfully the language of video is universal
Those are some smooooth looking giant sprites! Great job on those! I don't really see how the bob-omb tirador is a mejorada version, but I believe you! Maybe the fact that you can stomp the bobombs as they come out?
Originally posted by Israelcv12cv
if they are for PIXI I hope you enjoy them#smrpg{y}

Ah, fine. Thanks!
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
¿son compatibles con sa-1?
me encanta el blooper, es incluso peor ahora >:)
Please some of thee thinking the OP spoke in Portuguese, what are you even smoking?

I like how smooth the sprites are. I don't know how is the shooter a "better" version specifically, unless the code was made not too dirty since it's literally a diagonal shooter that spawns sprites other than bullet bills after all. It's still my favorite out of the bunch.
same, nobody noticed he was speaking spanish all this time