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*I moved away from smwc to make a single port*

MusicResource Release

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If you got the reference above, you already knew what to expect from this, didn't you?

This is my 1st ear-port. It's short and has been done within a day. I hope it didn't turn out too awful.


edit: For those not being aware of it, here's a link to the original:

It sounds pretty great to me, though I feel like the treble part could be higher volume?
I can't even imagine how difficult it is to create a port just by listening to the song.
And for a first try thingy it sound really nice, so good job!
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Port sounds really good.
I like how it sounds,Well done#tb{^V^}
Still thinking on a description...
Uh well, I really have no clue where this song comes from, but your port on its own sounds amazing! I'd probably take off the echo from the bass channel and raise the volume of #0 a tad bit though. Other than that I really like this, keep it up!
Uhhh, never heard that indeed, though it sounds pretty good
Just some Ys fan lol
This song kind of brings me nostalgia, since I heard a remixed version of this in The Muncher Run (1 or 2 I forgot) back to when I first approached smw hacking. I had no idea this song was a meme or something.

This aside, even if this is just a small loop, it really shows how much you improved in porting so far. I'm very proud of you, and I look forward listening to more and more ports from you in future. #fim{<3}
Originally posted by Teows
Uh well, I really have no clue where this song comes from...

This meme is older than many people.

Anyway, it is a great port to compare with the old version lost in the legacy collection. I bet it will be useful as credits or bonus houses.
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Nice port, Sariel. What makes me really impressed is that you ported it by ear, which is a rather challenging thing to do. Props to you on that!

Dream team (feed them, please):

Holy 2007 Batman.

While Ersanio ported it before (seems to have disappeared into the void,) you're the first to do a sampled port of it, and by ear, and in that much detail. This would be a welcome addition, and find a home in joke and troll hacks for sure. Nice job sequencing.

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Although short, this is a very nice port in my opinion. Could work well for kind of tense cutscenes too I believe. Great work!
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Feels a little weird that people don't recognize Chocolate Rain lol. This song makes me think of a level in A Super Mario Thing, course this port is much more accurate than that one which is from like 2009. Nice job!
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Great port but offers more for the next competition!

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lol, I feel old cause I remember this. ASMT had a chocolate-themed area with this song in one of the castles #smrpg{argh}

This is really good for an ear port! Ersanio would be proud.
This takes me back to when Ersanio, SNN, Hach and Roy would post Chocolate Rain parodies on the IRC.

Nice job on that port! I can't help but think the SMW piano is out of place (for some reason it almost sounds like it's meant to be a joke with how strong it comes across), but as a whole it's really neat, and it even sounds more lush than the original.

(the scary thing is there's people on this site now who weren't born when this was popular)

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Doing something like this by ear is really talented. I definitely like how the port came out. : 3

Time to let the memes rain down!

There was a port of Chocolate Rain on ASMT, glad to see a port available now. #smw{O_O!}

Have a frost day~
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MusicResource Release