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C3 Recap: 30th Anniversary of SMW Edition



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hi there! in this thread i'm continuing my c3 video series where i recap as much of c3 as i possibly can into a video filled with memes, and more recently, little skits in between sections. i have a lot of fun doing these videos, and i can only hope everyone else enjoys watching me suck at smw

right now c3 isn't done so the video obviously isn't finished yet lol, but i'm hard at work on the video, trying to keep the best aspects of previous videos while improving on what i wasn't satisfied with.

for now, though, have a trailer that i worked on!

I don't know what I just watched but I like it so far, can't wait to watch the entire thing :)
You do have the hybrid, Pat.
Personally I'm not a big fan of memes, but your vids for c3s are always great. Yes, I don't get most of the references perhaps, but they are still fun to watch. I'm looking forward which projects are going to make it in your vid this time.

I enjoy watching the C3 compilations, so I am of course excited for this time's video!

meme saturation rate: 100%
windows 3.1 tada.wav

that's all i understood

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Good. Just good. <3

Mr Scotsman said:
I loved the last one you did since ave only been a wee while, but i hink these wee skits with the big projects of C3 wrapped in a little video is normally nice to watch after everyhing has went down. Can't wait to see the final hing.
Thank you and have a nice day

That trailer....
Just some Ys fan lol
what on earth is this supposed to be. i understand nothing. #smw{o_O}
I love how Mario was thrown into a hole and launched out of the world into a plot device which is a plot hole and ended up in Mario World, but I'm concerned about Luigi's epilepsy and superhuman strength resulting from his seizures. He should go to a doctor.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Can't wait for this movie to be released on Netflix
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You did a good job with sprinkling humor throughout this trailer of yours, Pat! The part where Luigi bursts through the projector screen was great, and also quite clever. Probably one of my favorite things from the video.

With that being said, I'm sure your finished product for this C3 will be just as funny as the previous ones, if not funnier. #wario{B)}
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
The meem is very good in this one. Mhm. Pway my wom hack!

Actually idk if it'll suit the video plot since mario isn't in it so nvm
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
This is like, the smw equivalent of SMG4 but way better. I love all the visual jokes and gags thrown in.

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spinjump kill made me laugh

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I loved this video way more than I'd have ever expected to.
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