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Rykon-V73's second C3 thread is: - Original GFX gallery - screenshot for next C3

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Hey there and I know this time I'm not gonna show as much as the last C3, but I hope you my creations will satisfy you. Before I begin, you should know that 3 of my original tilesets have been officially uploaded to SMWCentral. Download all 3 of them below:

Candy/Sweets Tileset
Custom Castle(Metroid Style)
Custom Castle Tileset

Now that I'm done with that, time to present you 2 new things and another one later. I'll start with the space BG:

You'd be thinking a BG like this does use 2 palettes or more? Well then:

It actually uses palette 3 and half of palette 1. Here's the Map16:

The stars are ExAnimated. As for GFX tile, it uses 1 full ExGFX file+animation for the stars. You want the link, right? Then:

Download BG

While the next tileset is complete, I need to work on the FG, to respect the YI theme. If you do like it the way it is, then I'm pleased. I'll start with layer 3. It does remind you of YI, but it's smaller:

Next is the BG. I has 2 inspirations here: one is from the BG WYE uploaded and the other one is the YI beta tree, but changed it a bit. The Map16 is to the right:

Here's the Map16 for layer 1 and the palette:

Finally, here are some screen of layer 1:

This also incorporates switches. Those bones are drawn by me.

The cacti that hurts you and that's as decoration is also drawn by me.

You can also add this setup like in YI.

More of the setup. The bones can be used outside and inside.

The end of the road. You can also add yellow platforms.
If you do want to use this, then download:

Download tileset

Enjoy using those 2 and I will upload the last tileset later.
oh man my cloud bg just refuses to die

If this is all hand-drawn, you really got the YI style down pretty well on those clouds and cacti!

If we're nitpicky on that space background, I think the shading on the two biggest planets doesn't quite match. Other than that, nice work!

The blue BG is taken from the moon's idea and I wanted the yellow planet to be original.
@WYE: I redid the BG a bit. Is this better:


Download BG again
Okay, I'm bringing the hard guns that I have. It took a while, but I give you:
Organic Tileset
This might cause you a vore-related thing. I'll start with layer 3:

I increased the colors of the layer 3. Normally, the colors would be darker. Uses almost the same GF as the layer 3 DKC2 BG I released. Uses 5 palettes.

This also took a while to draw. I got the inspiration from the game Abadox for the NES. It uses the other half of palette 4. That's a bonus. Here's the Map16:

Here's the Map16 for layer 1:

This is version 1, so it's weird to see a metal pipe there. In version 2.0, it'll be an organic pipe.

You'll see the true colors of layer 3.

I'll replace that metal pipe.

I drew everything myself.

Nerve cords show up.

Eye uses 2 frames of animation.

Download tileset

Will do for version 2.0:
-improve eye animation;
-replace metal pipes with organic pipes;
-add slopes;
-add other decorations.

Speaking of decorations, I would like to hear you suggestions.
Feedback is welcome.
Going for a 3rd post, I decided to post a rip and something extra. I'll start with Altered Beast 2 - Calus BG:

It does use about 4 GFX files and 3 palettes. You do have room for FG.

Download BG

As for the extra thing, I should have made another C3 about this. Perhaps at the next C3?
Anyway, I converted ycz' Falling Block sprite into .json format and made both the tilemap and paltte easy to edit. There is also the good version. Here's a screen:

To Mario's right is the sprite. I gave it the organic look. GFX for the good version and the palette are ready.

Download conversion

Feedback is appreciated.
Was browsing through and just had to comment on that Yoshi's Island styled desert set. It looks fantastic, just like something straight out of the actual game. I have seen others attempt to put together YI styled deserts before, but I really don't recall seeing anything quite as eye-pleasing as yours.

All in all, some really good quality graphical work here. Nice work.
wtf broozer is alive???????

Really nice work here! I like everything that I see.

The space and beach backgrounds and the organic tileset all feel really SNES-y - not sure how to describe it, but the palette work and patterns feel like they've been done just the way they did graphics for games in the system back in the day.

As for the desert foreground, I'm honestly a little bothered by the lack of a ground pattern, but other than that, like Broozer said this feels like it's straight out of YI. The ground, the assets - all of it could pass really easily as lost graphics or something!
@Koopster: That's why I wanted to ask Gamma V about permission of a certain YI desert GFX. That already has the pattern.
Also, here are other space palettes that you might find useful:

Useful in a frozen part of the universe.

Useful in a fire-like area.

Useful for an alternate dimension.

For the YI desert GFX, if I get the permission, then here's what I'll do:

-add the required pattern;
-add rocks(his design or the YI design might do);
-add palm trees?(I might replace the generic YI tree here).

Download all palettes from:


For the next version of Organic Tileset, I'll:

-add organic pipes;
-add other decorations(I'll take you ideas if I can);
-add slopes(Another thing that'll be hard).

I hope those work.
Good job on the organic GFX! They give off serious Abadox vibes.
Those graphics look straight ripped from YI, great job! I akso agree with WYE regarding the shading of the planets - it looks a bit odd.
And I hope I fixed it. Look at the other screens of the space BG.
Hey, I like the YI-styled beach FG! Did you directly use the YI beta tree graphics for the BG? If so, that's very interesting!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

I used that thing, but edited it a bit to fit of the BG.
As for the FG, if you do remember Kaeru, then I based the FG on his, but recolored it and added the holes.
Another double post. I'm uploading 2 rips this time, both made by Evan. F, I converted those BGs using LM bitmap pasting feature and edited the 8x8, as those we're conflicting with FG3. They're done. Firest one:

Think of it as a mix between SMW and SML game. Uses a palette and a bit of palette 5.

Click me

Another eastern one:

Uses a palette, a half of palette 1 and other half of palette 4.

Click me

Feedback is welcome.

While I'm still awake, I'll post a simple screenshot:

This will be released at the future C3.
broozer is back?!?!?! the nostalgia, man 👀

Everything here is beautiful. The first BG reminds me of the final level from a Mickey and Donald game, except yours is much more driven to the Mario universe (if you get what I mean). I also like the YI styled assets; Broozer pretty much summed up everything I had to say on the matter.

Please make more!

Once a fan of your work, Rykon, and until now I am one. I liked your YI-styled desert, but the thing that caught the most of my attention was the universe BG and its color variants. I can see several uses for them, in totally different contexts.

On an offside comment... Broozer, you're back! Now this is nostalgia at its fullest #smrpg{:D}

Dream team (feed them, please):

Wow this is really impressive. You're definitely quite talented with drawing these tilesets and backgrounds and I really like the different color variations of your space BG. This is all really well made and I hope we gotta see more of your work soon! #tb{:]}

Thanks Sariel. Now most users will be annoyed about the info that I have, but they have to endure it for the Winter C3, but I added the ground pattern. Thanks to Gamma V's permission, I did it.

To th left is Gamma V's quicksand, though a bit different.

Slope compatibility added.
Expect this tileset at the Winter C3.

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