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Rykon-V73's third C3 thread is: - DKC2 layer 3 ghost house - complete - 3 palettes released

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While I wait for some comments on my 2nd C3 thread, I decided to tell you about the DKC2 layer 3 ghost house. My mission was to make something that's kind of like that and, let's say it turned out well. You'll have to use the SMB3 status bar for this. It's so advanced, that I didn't know what to draw for it, but my task is complete and I will show you its features:

-use up to 5 palettes - complete;
-try to give the BG as much detail as I can-complete;
-add a bit more decorations-complete;
-thinking of a way to fill the other empty space on the right-complete;
-make the layer 3 BG 512x512 - complete;
-make it consume enough tiles, while at the same time making SMW status bar functional-as I said, SMB3 Status bar is good here;
-give the layer 3 additional palettes - complete.

As for the BG, here it is:

It does consume over 256 tiles, possibly the only layer 3 that I did that uses this much. This is useful for ghost house.
Here are other palettes:

Useful for abandoned ghost houses.

Useful for a haunted ghost ship.

Here's the great:
Download link

Tell me what you think.
wait this is actual layer 3?
this is why graphics should be featured too!
THIS on Layer 3!? Daaaang whatever you did it worked. Well done!
This is some impressive layer 3/pixel art work. Phenominal!
I can't believe this is layer 3, great job with this graphic #smrpg{gasp}
Just some Ys fan lol
Thank you and yes, I had to look at the original layer 3 ghost house. That one used 8 palettes, but I managed to scale it down to 5. Still, I'm glad it turned out nice.
Perhaps I should show proof. The palette setup is just like DKC2 and DKC3. Here's the palette:

The order is respected. Here are the 8x8 tiles the layer 3 BG uses:

You can clearly tell the BG uses over 256 8x8 tiles.
The idea is I'm here for other palettes. Here:

Good for a fire or a blood-infused area. .Exe fans will love this.

Good for a frozen ghost house.

Good for an alternate dimension and it isn't much.
Download from:

I hope you'll like those and stay tuned, as I'll upload another C3 thread soon.
This looks very cool! When I first saw it, I thought it was from DKC2, but no! It looks quite realistic!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

@AnasMario130: Some elements are from DKC2, but others are drawn.
Now that's some insane layer 3 stuff. Never thought I would see a background that has so many tiles in layer 3. Great job with this one. #smrpg{:3}

Definitely some impressive work! I can certainly see this being used in a ghost house or something. Good job! :)
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I remember imamelia's custom layer 3 video (back when you needed an external patch for custom layer 3) where he showed a rather complicated background from DKC3 which doesn't look like layer 3 at first. The same applies to this background: Only a closer look (such as the light spot on the top of the background) reveals that all the tiles are 2bpp.
This is really impressive for a layer 3 background!
Great job!
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Humans have weaknesses. I tried my best here. I'm not sure if I'll go for another layer 3 BG. The exam is near.
I honestly love this. Seemed like a tough job but the result is impressive. Nice one Rykon!
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Good for a level where the background should get more focus than the actualy level design. Holy, this is impressive #tb{O_O}

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