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LucasRCD's Art Corner 3: One Day Late Edition! Free sketches! (REQUESTS CLOSED - WON'T BE ABLE TO DELIVER THEM ALL ON TIME)


Don't sweat it. Your work has been so well drafted, and it's perfectly normal for you to not fulfill those requests in a time span. It also depended on the complexity of the drawing, so there's that! Trust me, it's not your fault at all.
Art request threads are always hard to deal with. By the amount of attention they get it's really hard to keep up with certain standards. Maybe for the next time you are going to try this you could limit in the initial post "only the first 10 requests gonna be fulfilled" or something like that. Since it's impossible to keep up a quality as your drawing usually with, but also fulfilling the quantity of requests here.

These are only my 2 cents on this and don't feel bad if you won't deliver all requests. You are doing this voluntarily. If you are able to fulfill a request it's a gift to the respective person, but if not, nothing is lost. So even if I overlooked requesting something here I still wanna thank you for this thread. Watching the other requests you did was still amazing! #tb{:]}

Originally posted by LucasRCD
Also, the fact that I didn't refuse more complex requests. I'm dreading to even draw that Palutena cosplaying as a medic, for example. I'm thinking of just dropping that one, as it's both too limiting and too cumbersome to fulfill.

I'm relieved. Thank you! Even if you can't take the request now, you can post it in the next C3, too.
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